GamePro Previews WipEout Pulse; The best Wipeout to date?

With little more than a month before it's release GamePro get their hands on the most recent preview build of WipEout PULSE. From what they've seen, WipEout Pulse is likely to live up to their expectations.

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Iron Man 23592d ago

I really enjoyed the original WipEout on the PSP,I can't wait to play this one on my PSP!:D

Charlie26883592d ago

I <3 Wipeout XD

Looking forward to Pulse and the PSN version when hopefully I have a PS3 :)

Shaka2K63592d ago

Its so hard for brick ds to keep up with all the AAA exclusive games for PSP this year.

Cyrus3653592d ago

it just shows you, DS is the choice of the casuals, and PSP I'd say in the past year has shown some key game releases, and they have spurned sales, but nothing like DS.

Cyrus3653592d ago

Yeah what has happened to PSN version, which is based on this but with high rez graphics?