GTA 5 innovation on Wii U and PS Vita

InEnt writes: When it comes to the different platforms Grand Theft Auto 5 could land on when it gets a release date this year, expected in October, there will be some new platforms with innovative controls that were not around during the GTA IV launch. This will provide a unique opportunity for both the Wii U and PS Vita to gain users that want to use the innovative controls, and if GTA 5 could release on these platforms with some smart and unique features, then either machine could sell units just for GTA 5.

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danswayuk2110d ago

GTA 5 on PS Vita will be amazing.

corrus2110d ago

I am agreed with you VITA is awesome

xursz2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Accidentally hit disagree, sorry.

Tired2110d ago

Got mine still not sent memory card....gutted! Welcome park gets old quickly!

MasterCornholio2110d ago

It would be really cool if they made a San Andreas Story for the Vita complete with online multiplayer and unique features with the touch screen like touching hookers for example.

ricky3602110d ago

It will be cool to see how the Wii U adapts GTA 5.

DA_SHREDDER2110d ago

If GTA comes to WiiU, and the WiiU has good online, I'll buy the WiiU version. BTW, i hope the WiiU gets cross game video chat.

leahcim2110d ago

this and Assassins Creed on Vita had made my day!

brettyd2110d ago

When was this announced for Vita?

CashColeTrain13372110d ago

It hasn't been announced for anything yet. Just wild speculation again.

asmith23062110d ago

It hasn't and I doubt it will hit the Vita unfortunately. You can only hope!

brettyd2110d ago

Ok because people are using words like "will" be awesome instead of "would"

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