The best looking games of E3 2012

With E3 over for another year, which were the best looking games most graphically impressive games of the event?

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TheFinalEpisode2262d ago

There were some great looking games this E3 but for me Beyond took the cake

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

^ "Well said" Bubble-up.

raytraceme2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Character animation and Water: Beyond
Open World: Watch Dogs (pc)
Animations and AI: The Last of Us
Technically: Crysis 3
over 30fps: God of War
Fighting: PS's: ASBR
Scale and online: DUST 514

JANF2262d ago

Last of Us, Halo 4, Tomb Raider and GofW looks great, but for me the best looking games were Medal of Honor, Star WARS 1313 and Crysis 3.

Another game that is looking pretty good is Forza Horizon.

ATi_Elite2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Arma III Completely blows everything out the friggin water!

PHOTO-REALISTIC, Scale, A.I., animation, detail, Physics, draw distance detail, water, under water, reflections, 24 hour day night cycle, etc. etc.

Then it gets kinda tough:

Metro Last light PC -(4A Engine is a BEAST)
Watch Dogs PC - (we have only seen the PC version)
Planetside 2 (dam good graphics for 1000 vs. 1000)
Medal of Honor: Warfighter PC - (Frostbite 2 nuff said)
Far Cry 3 PC
God of War Ascension PS3 - (yes it looks that dam good to make my list)
Crysis 3 PC
Super Mario Bros WiiU - (I just LOVE all the VIVID colors on screen)

Halo 4 has some lovely light/particle effects but other than that the Xbox 360 is completely showing it's age and can't make my list. Graphics aside Halo 4 seems like it will be a great game.

Beyond and Last of Us although nice looking they have too many washed out colors and Texture pop in due to the size of the game and Low ram. GOW:A is able to spruce up the colors and detail due to not being as big as the other two games.

units2262d ago

Watch Dogs and Halo 4

hakis862262d ago

Halo 4? Come on.

A lot of games looked better than Halo 4, especially all the next-gen stuff.

Convas2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Multiple media outlets have commented and hailed the fantastic nature of the art style (graphics), as well as tons of individual hands-on.

Maybe your biased or maybe you just haven't seen enough of the game, but Halo 4 is indeed one the best looking titles on show at E3.

telekineticmantis2262d ago

I think it belongs in this list.

Hoje03082261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Convas - praising the art style is not the same as saying the graphics are great. Look at Okami and Borderlands 2 for games that have great art direction buy may not be the most technically proficient. Halo 4 looked really good, but didn't match The Last of Us or Beyond (I don't think it even proved to be a match for Killzone 3). The games shown on PC were in another league,as you would expect.

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bunt-custardly2262d ago

No Tomb Raider or RE 6? I think there are too many. If I chose one then the Last of Us looked the most impressive.

Chuk52262d ago

Halo 4, check

Last of Us, check

Black Ops 2?

Hoje03082261d ago

Looked like another visually unimpressive COD game to me. So many other games looked drastically better, yet they get no mention. Probably because they don't have a herd of retards 20 million strong supporting them.

pandehz2262d ago

Crysis 3 and Star Wars 1313 impressed me

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