NintendoLand is Brilliant

Nintendo’s E3 press conference on Tuesday did not live up to expectations for many gamers. Sure, the focus was on games, but the keynote lacked many big punches. Assassin’s Creed III and ZombiU were there to seemingly satisfy the core gamer, but it just didn’t feel like enough. What many people thought to be worse was that the company closed with a game meant for an audience that wasn’t even watching the show: casual gamers.

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Felinox1997d ago

I just dont understand why Pikman 3 is your lead game. Im sure theyre saving the powerhouse IPs like Metroid and Zelda to combat the other console launches. But seriously they had the chance to wow everybody. Do you think anybody would be talking about half the competitors games if they came swinging with HD Metroid U?

PopRocks3591997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Apparently they're banking on Nintendo Land, which is a dumb idea. If that's really the game they want to be the system seller, they did a horrid job of marketing it at the conference.

I say this because if the hands-on previews are any indication, it's that the game is a fun experience for both core and casual gamers. The problem is Nintendo's presentation of the game made it feel isolated toward the casual demographic. It's a bad first impression that has to be remedied sooner rather than later.

typikal821997d ago

Sounds like PlayStation Home to me

darthv721997d ago

more fun and interactive. Home (to me) is a great social gathering but there isnt enough to actually do to warrant visiting on a regular basis.

E3 space is but after that it goes back to the same way it has been.

Jagsrock1997d ago

This is their way of introducing the mainstream to their lesser known IP's. I mean they have an F-zero ride or something why have that if they don't plain on expanding on that IP. It is pretty brilliant, and if they package it with the wii u they gurantee that who every buys a wii U will be exposed to their 1st party titles so when they do release actual full blown games down the line they won't just go unnoticed.

N61997d ago

Totally agree, excellent points. Its a shame but NintendoLand should have been the opener at E3, with the announcement that its bundled with the console at launch. Good news is, Reggie stated in a recent IGN interview that he wants a high attach rate for NintendoLand, so maybe we can read between the lines there?

t0mmyb0y1997d ago

Ya it could work for them in the long run.

mike1up1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I hate to be "this guy", but what happens after the "casuals" become converted? Is Nintendo going to leave them with no "core" games like they left us?

Nintendo is turning me off, and I might be calling it quits. I missed a lot of great games this gen (and Gamecube gen). I cannot completely blame the Big N, because I wanted to stick with them. But I just cannot be a part of this anymore. Nintendo has been around forever, anyone who hasn't at least tried there games already... probably just isn't interested.

If Nintendo thinks I am going to spend another gen petitioning (Op Rainfall), and downright begging for the good games they're crazy.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1997d ago

Uhm Mr_Mike,

Not making light of your frustration- but there is no shame in getting 2 systems if you can.

I plan on buying an old PS3 to play "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond".

I, personally, am more cheery about the games shown at the press-conference now.

AC3, ZombiU, Aliens, and Darksiders look great.

Plus, I never play BM:AC or ME3- so, I am very happy waiting on Zelda and Samus. Because it's obvious that is what you want to play.

(that's 6 hardcore games for me. Plus, i want to try the casual stuff too.)

If you are really frustrated buy another system and then pick-up a used WiiU on the cheap later on. Buy all of the games on sale or used and play them all at once.

mike1up1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

You are absolutely right...

Although I try to keep my gaming on a budget, I may have to literally put my money where my mouth this.

Well... not too literally.

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