Reggie Discusses Launching Wii U, Retro

This is a big year for Nintendo. The company, fresh off some severe financial losses over the past year, is trying to right its ship, securing the future of the Nintendo 3DS while launching Wii U, the successor to the phenomenon that was Wii. Yet more questions face the company than it can possibly answer in one week - even a week as big as E3.

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NovusTerminus2263d ago

Anyone know if the Wii U can play Gamecube games?

DarkBlood2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

not by discs if thats what your wondering

LoaMcLoa2263d ago

No, but there are rumours saying that you will be able to download some HD-remakes from GC-games.

kingfury2263d ago

not trying to play no pedophile system with a bunch of kids

PopRocks3592263d ago

Well, the bit involving Retro Studios made me feel a tad better. At least we know they're doing something. Not that we didn't before, but the acknowledgement will suffice until we get a reveal.

xflo3602263d ago

Thats the point! Nintendo could have destroyed microsoft and sony at e3, all they needed to do was come on stage and say " yes, we are working on a 3d mario, metroid prime, a new zelda " etc... Or something along those lines.

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PopRocks3592263d ago


If Retro is not prepared to show us their game, then I'd prefer that Nintendo waits until they're ready, lest we have another Smash Bros. 4 fiasco.

juaburg2263d ago

Cool interview,enjoyed reading it.

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