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PlayStation LifeStyle - "Retro City Rampage is a game long anticipated by many gamers — it’s a creative and intriguing blend of NES era gameplay, arcade gameplay, and open-world gameplay. The mission that was playable at E3 certainly didn’t help the wait any. Retro City Rampage seems just as fun, just as old school, and just as great as gamers hoped it would be. The title’s mix of gameplay approaches and focus on old-fashioned entertainment with a sense of humor make for a game that impresses right away. With RCR‘s pending arrival on PlayStation Vita, it could be a PSN hit for the platform, in addition to a game that some will find themselves having a hard time removing from their pockets."

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doctorstrange2231d ago

One of my most anticipated Vita titles. Sounds mega

knifefight2230d ago

It wasn't for me until I saw the images. Hahaha, I love stuff like this ^_^