5 things that were missing from the Nintendo E3 2012 conference

Wii U games and features that you may have expected to have been showcased during Nintendo's conference.

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EcoSos32234d ago

I won't get my hopes up for Zelda being in the next E3 either that game is going to take at least 2 before they even talk about it.

mike1up2234d ago

It's been two E3's already.

Fierce Musashi2233d ago

They could have at least advertised The Last Story to end off the Wii with a bang.... *sigh*

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2233d ago

I hope WE all try some non-Nintendo IPs like AC (for WiiU) or ZombiU because if you ignore them don't complain when they start ignoring WiiU.

Not saying buy a game that you don't like, I am just saying try to see the beauty in other WiiU offerings while you are waiting.

And you may as well buy a WiiU Asap (if you can) because you KNOW those games are going to be released sometime in the future.