E3 2012 – Black Ops II Recent Footage Reveals Multiplayer and Zombies Screens and Intel

MP1st - Yesterday, Treyarch gave Call of Duty fans a behind-the-scenes look at Black Ops II which happened to be filled with both multiplayer and Zombie hints and clues. We’ve broken down some of the more important stills which should hopefully give you a better picture of what the Black Ops II’s multiplayer and Zombies modes are all about.

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Honest_gamer2264d ago

they also showed that is just a rehash of every other cod since 4 with minor graphic updates hell i bet that crane that is in ever cod is on this one

MRHARDON2264d ago

Well, EA is no better than Activision.

EA has Madden that is rehashes every year and there has been no change for the last 10-15 years.

Honest_gamer2264d ago

i didnt mention anything about EA and i also think there should be no sporting games end of, if you want to do sports go out and do them dont sit on a sofa and brag to friends about how u have x player on x team

yodawins2264d ago

that's because sports don't change very much besides new players. cod is ruining fps with this same old crap each year, meanwhile ea is trying to create next gen fps that are actually fun.

yodawins2263d ago

like battlefield,crysis,medal of honor whatever respawn is doing and a bunch of other upcoming fps from developers in canada.

rperryjr012261d ago

i think on black ops 2 you could climb on top of stuff and have some way to scavage for stuff in the store