Class war – Bleszinski on GoW: Judgment’s multiplay

VG247: A full day of E3 chaos after seeing Gears of War: Judgment may have dulled Alex Donaldson’s memory, but the new class-based multiplay is hard to forget.

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brendan44442090d ago

I'm not sure about this. Gears main fanbase ( which i am apart of ) mianly uses the shotgun . And i love that . I'm happy to see some major change but i'll remain skeptic until the controller is in my hand!

Fragger2k82090d ago

“In previous iterations, the best way to play Gears was to roll around, wall bounce and shotgun people in the face"

I like Gears, but that's the biggest part of the reason why Gears annoys me when playing online. Especially since when I do the same, even if I'm directly in their face, my shotgun does nothing (compared to everyone elses insta-kills). Nobody does anything but that, and they use nothing but shotguns and power weapons. It's not fun for long, to me.

I think this new game is sounding good, though. I really want to see more on it.