Smart phone connectivity is a way better industry fad than motion controls

"Easily the neatest rising trend in the game industry right now is the connectivity we can have with our games when we’re not playing them. Thanks to smart phone connectivity, we can bid on auction house items in WoW and keep our galactic readiness in Mass Effect 3 at a reasonable level without even booting up a PC or console. There’s even an app for an interactive map of Skyrim out there."

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v0rt3x2233d ago

Why hasn't anyone photoshopped that picture yet and made it into "XBOX SMART ASS"?

hellvaguy2233d ago

Because burp/fart jokes stop being as funny after u hit the teen years.

pixelsword2232d ago

@ hell

Hmm, maybe; but that's just one point of view. One guy I know stopped playing videogames when they hit high school and did not return until they had children, and even then it was a Wii. A guy I knew from college ten years back still plays video games and he has to be 49 or 50 now.

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