A 40-Hour Head Start in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Do you want a forty hour head start in the new Medal of Honor game? If you do then pre-ordering the game here will get that for you. Among getting the head start you will also get:

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raWfodog2143d ago

What's next? Will I one day be able to get a completed game with all trophies/achievements unlocked and a guaranteed top-100 spot on the leaderboards?

Fylus2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Don't worry, if they do decide to go with his idea, EA will milk the idea for all it's worth with a greedy cover charge. That'll at least keep the smarter players away.

Chuk52143d ago

Damn, seriously EA?

I remember when EA wasn't hated because of the risks they started to take with dead space, mirror's edge and their partner's program. Ea was actually turning it around 3-5 years ago.

But man, the last 2 years have really shown that EA are back to their old ways again.

nolifeking2143d ago

Kinda hard to stay that course when the rest of the industry veers of in the opposite direction.