Collector’s edition art & more pre-order DLC details for God of War Ascension

An artwork for the Collector's Edition, in addition to more DLC details, has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive action-adventure title, God of War Ascension.

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Ken222298d ago

You had me at 8-inch tall Kratos statue.

v0rt3x2298d ago

I don't understand why some people didn't like the look / gameplay of what was shown.

It was more of Kratos and GoW that I've come to love - and that's enough for me.

ChunkyLover532297d ago

I think it looks like typical God Of War, it looks good, but at the same time this new God Of War game is going to face the same issues that Uncharted 3 had. How do you top the last game? God Of War 3 has you climbing Titans, its amazing. I'm sure this one will be great, but its going to be hard to top the last game.

Blastoise2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Whilst I agree its gonna be very hard to top God of war 3, I reckon god of war ascension is gonna be freaking epic on multiplayer. Imagine two kratos like characters fighting the same huge boss, would be awesome.

TrueGaming2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I was amazed to see that demo especially when the elephant jumped in & can't wait to pre order but I also have only 2 complaints about the GOWA game, the singleplayer is shortened instead of lengthened & ( IDK if I'm correct but since GOW2 I have always wanted this feature in GOW & figured, Hey I'll be the first to say it) that I wish you could get multiple enemy executions as opposed to see Kratos ripping some poor soul in half while another 8 enemies wade around in the backround unable to interupt the execution, I think if they added that plus multi executions it would make the harder difficulties that much more strategic & no doubt that much more INSANE!! Btw that's IMO but just to clarify, each GOW installment has always been pre ordered for me so there's no hate here just wanting more of an already amazing series...

... I think they still can make a sequel to GOW3 due to how he "died" ontop a rock with cracks that made the shape of a phoenix ( also know for rebirth)etc ... MARCH 12th 2013!!!

Y_51502297d ago

I'm so getting this! Kratos statue!!!!