180° And Now Also Promoting GTA V As A E3 2012 Title

Was browsing a few game sites today and noticed and Gamestation are advertising GTA V as a E3 title and offering special triple points bonus when pre-ordering a E3 game.

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WeskerChildReborned2056d ago

Has it been shown today or is it planned on it?

Emilio_Estevez2056d ago

Rockstar hasn't been to E3 since '08, it's quite doubtful. Whatever they do needs no conference. People will find out and love it/buy it.

This site is just using N4G and GTA5 for hits. You may recognize them from such stories as is 'GTA5 at E3, there is a Rockstar sign there' or 'IGN has Game of Show listed for 530pm, will it be GTA5'?

Answer is no to all 3, they are grasping for straws that are more like cups.

BattleTorn2056d ago

I went to both of those sites and couldn't see anything GTA V related.

I still got my fingers crossed for a new trailer today!

bigevil1x2056d ago

me too i just hope we get more info im tierd of rumors

kingofgames86u2056d ago

It will be coming out in october

Tonester9252056d ago

Man this fall is going to be great! I'm going to be so broke!

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