Why Xbox SmartGlass is the real next gen

OXM's Matt writes: "The alternative to Smart Glass is an impossible dream, or - at the very least - a major compromise. Why create something new, when the world already has something sitting in their pockets?"

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DigitalAnalog2233d ago

Nothing ANY connected device could do. MS only tried to make it look like it's the only system capable of doing this. The Wii-U table could implement everything the glass has to offer , on top of that, it could be used FOR GAMING as opposed to be a side feature that could easily be passed off as a novelty.

EVILDEAD3602233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

LMAO..The Wii-U cannot do what Smart Glass can at all.

I can use my Iphone to control Internet explorer on my TV through Live and Smart Glass tech. What ir does for movies and games without the need to by ANYTHING else is amazing.


That the don't NEED a Smart don't NEED a Wii-U tablet. With the Wii-U, you are NOT going to be watching a movie on your GALAXY or IPOD then resume it on your TV like the demonstration. aI'm not going to get a live map while watching game of thrones. Again, I mentioned what Smart Glass can do with the IE explorer brwoser with my Iphone or any tablet..and again I don't have to spend one dime to get the tech.

Literally priceless..

DigitalAnalog2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

And wii-U tablet could control whatever apps applied in it's device, this was already being shown on the pre-E3 conference. They even gave distributed applications to iOs/android devices.

On the other hand, what you're suggesting can also be applied to non-xbox application as samsung devices can already open features on the smartTV. It really depends when the connection is available to be open or not - or whether the company allows certain connections or not. If sony wanted, they could've used an android/PSM supported device to control XMB. How is that any different from Smartglass?

KMCROC542233d ago

for me best part no need buy a Wii U , cause we all have tablets & mobile devices & some software updates can correct some missing items .

Neko_Mega2233d ago

I would be help with games over this pointless trash, besides PS3 is doing the same thing.

An I'm most likely not going to use anyone of them.

Loki862233d ago

Playstation has nothing like this, they have cross-play with Vita and PS3. Smartglass links your PC, Xbox, Smartphone, and Tablet. To be able to create a wireless bond that the device can pickup from the xbox.

DeadlyFire2233d ago

Yes, but Sony has pointed out they have an outline for smartphones, tablets, and other playstation certified devices. This was mentioned at their E3 conference.

dubt722233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Of course, they had to once they caught wind of this. Gotta keep up with the Joneses, and whatnot. Maybe they'll do the exact same and call it wiseglass or something. Apparently the whole "trophy" set-up worked for them, lol.

gcolley2233d ago

as the tablets are not bundled it will not receive the same support game-wise. wiiu games will be built around the tablet use, and less of an option. and then there is the joysticks and triggers

svoulis2233d ago

So if we are talking numbers here. Most tablets cost anywhere from 400-600 dollars (US). So in order to "enjoy" this smart glass tech, you will either need an iPhone or android device, simple enough most people have those. But are you really going to be watching a movie on your take it home and continue it on your 360. It has nothing to do with Hardware. It is a simple resume feature.

The whole Game of Thrones feature they showed is where i started seeing the gimmick. Who is really going to be watching a movie, and in the middle of said movie just decide to start looking up INFO on the movie. Wouldn't most people do that stuff AFTER they watch the movie? Ever heard of IMDB?

There is no "next-gen" tech with this Smartglass gimmick, and that is exactly what it is. They want you to pay for a 400-600 dollar device, to be able to do what it already does just "Easier".

At least the Wii-U has something that is actually cohesive with its product and COMES WITH its product. The same could be done and/or said about the PS3 and Vita. Regardless the Smartglass "tech" and I use the word loosely is nothing to be excited about..

Loki862233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I think you are missing the point, it has been implemented because of.the synchronous approach microsoft is taking with W8. I think it is a great idea, because it doesn't restrict you and it has infinite possibilities using devices almost everyone already owns.

svoulis2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I am not saying as far as moving forward it isn't a good idea especially making Windows 8, Windows phone 7, and the Dashboard look similar. But it is certainly not Next Gen.

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