Preview: Halo 4′s War Games is gunning for Call of Duty

If you're an old-school Halo fan, you might just hate Halo 4's multiplayer before you love it. This is a very different Halo, and it has a very specific mission: take back the multiplayer crown from Call of Duty.

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Thatguy-3102263d ago

Nothing will dethrone COD this gen. In fact, the only one's that can do it is the respawn studio because they're the ones that made COD The "IT" game.

Dlacy13g2263d ago

I think Bungie might have a shot too... Destiny seems to be a very ambitious game as well. But I am inclined to think both Respawn and Bungies games wont grace current consoles and instead be the opening salvo of games for the next gen.

TheMutator2263d ago

lol you wish , poor of those people that spend $60 each year for the same crap!!! Im not a fanboy but you cant compare that CoD crap to Halo , btw the firts Modern Warefare was the last great game in the serie , but is my opinion!!!

Thatguy-3102263d ago

COD is crap but dude quality doesn't matter here. If it did then COD wouldnt be as mainstream as it is.

xCaptainAmazing2263d ago

Halo was always a better game than CoD. CoD4 was a standout, but as the whole package Halo games have always been more compelling.

Neoprime2263d ago

I think they meant it's "Ripping-off Call of Duty", it ain't doing anything to duty.