Halo 4 Mutliplayer Info Blowout

GR: "343 Industries has released a host of information about Halo 4's multiplayer modes."

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FlashXIII1936d ago

How about some proper demo footage of the MP in action?

Drake1171936d ago

Go to gameinformer they have a bunch

Shadowvic1936d ago

Nice info!

I really like we're getting details on some gametypes and new additions, but I'd still have to try them out to judge it. The new additions sound interesting and fun.

SignifiedSix1936d ago

I really want some news about Forge. I hope its still going to be there and I'm really hoping its a full fledged map editor like farcry. Oh man i would have so much fun with that!

Balcrist1935d ago

I saw ordinance drops and died a little inside.... Cod is supposed to copy Halo, not the other way around...