Why Sony's E3 presentation was the most successful

Its E3 which means the big 3 of gaming are here to show off their plans for the next year or so to get gamers pumped up. Although Nintendo and Microsoft had interesting presentations, Sony’s was the one who remembererd to bring the most important element to a gaming show, games.

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v0rt3x2177d ago

Best article yet - I fully agree. Sony was a success and even the Wonderbook was. Regardless of what core gamers are saying (because there is a lot of hate for Wonderbook and a lot of people just didn't 'get' it) - but figure this: 'Wonderbook' wasn't designed for core gamers and isn't being marketed to core gamers.

It will appeal hugely to the younger audience - and Sony just had something for everyone on the table.

Sony won this year's E3 by a long shot.

M-M2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

That's what I'm saying. I mean the Wonderbook is a nice piece of tech, but it's definitely not my thing.

Peppino72177d ago

IT was the most successful because the other 2 actually sucked.

Fylus2177d ago

Yeah, I totally have to agree. Wonder Book definitely isn't for us older gamers, but I'm glad to see Sony isn't singling out people by trying to appeal ONLY to Its hardcore gamers. Other than the Wonder Book, the rest of there show was completely jaw-dropping (and thats really saying something, especially since we already expected everything that was shown).

Fylus2177d ago

Wow, Dark Sniper attacking my comments with disagrees... again. Pathetic.

Thatguy-3102177d ago

jack tretton needs a promotion. Good Spokesman when compared to the others.

miyamoto2177d ago

Glad you see it that way.
The younger gamers' market has been PlayStation's weakest point and they have let Nintendo no competition for years.

I bet this is Jim Ryan's brain child and he went for the big time on this = Harry Pottah!

It was a very unpopular move for PS3's core gamers but its not for them.

And it looks like Sony's approach is so very different from Nintendo or M$.

MasterCornholio2177d ago

They really should push Wonderbook onto the kids because for educational purposes its probably fantastic.

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TheFinalEpisode2177d ago

I agree Sony had the best conference and in my opinion Nintendo, then MS

Elda2177d ago

Sony won hands down,Beyond was mind blowing including TLOU,PASBR seems to be fun & GOW:A looks like brutal fun!!

Acekidder2177d ago

lmao sorry but just no...

microsoft had a really good conference halo 4 was massive and looked amazing better than i hoped for and gears judgement was a nice surprise loved the idea of the smart glass MULTITOUCH (listen nintendo) no mention of next gen though.

Sony was good last of us and beyond looked great no real vita news and no surprises terrible move wonderbook thing even worse then watching MS last year with disneyland adventures and again no next gen:(

Nintendo was just lol for me tech already seems outdated and nothing appeals to me nintendo land was a joke and a new mario game that looks to have gone back to the snes days?? and that stupid zombie u thingy rest was third party rehashes oh and pikmin!

Ron_Danger2177d ago

You forgot to mention Usher in the Microsoft conference... That's what gamers came to see, right?!


But seriously, all the conferences just seemed like teaser trailers for what each company is actually showing. After nintendo's show, they played a video on that (although had a painfully hard to watch family of actors) showed off a bunch of new WiiU features. Sony didn't talk much about a bunch of their PS3 or Vita games coming out (like Sly 4 or Soul Sacrifice). I can't comment on Microsoft though cause Im too busy at work right now to follow all three but I'm sure they've got other stuff they're showing (maybe like steel battalion or that Crutec Kinnect game)

Skateboard2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

God Of War and Last Of Us made me and my friends mouths drop.

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