Vita's Lacklustre E3 Showing Was a Huge Mistake

Push Square: "If E3 was vital for Vita, then someone forgot to send Sony the memo. Raining over the platform holder’s otherwise solid pre-show press conference was a staggering lack of handheld content, prompting Shuhei Yoshida — the head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios — to admit that Vita was under-represented and that it was a mistake."

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SandWitch2175d ago

For us who read N4G and other gaming sites it is quite a big disappointment. However, I believe it wouldn't make much of a difference for Vita sales because the games are still coming whether they were showed at Sony's conference or not.

Sure some more buzz about PS Vita would be welcome, but if games will keep coming the system will keep selling more and more. E3 comes and ends, and we will forget it soon. The most important thing is what consumers will see at the shop shelves.

RememberThe3572175d ago

I think your right in terms of the short term sales of the console. But you can't forget that there are a ton of people across the net that read these websites and watched that conference. It would have been really helpful for Sony to get not only the media but those people buzzing about the Vita. Sony's PR team dropped the ball on that one.

I just read an interview that said they were trying to make the conference shorter because they had gotten complaints that in the past they were too long. I think it's sad that they listened to those people because the conference did feel a little rushed this year, and it really looked like they wasted a bunch of time on that Wonderbook thing (lets face it, we all know it's going to bomb).

Yoshida also said that they had 25 games on the floor at E3 and it seems pretty stupid to me to show, what two of them, at the conference.

AngelicIceDiamond2175d ago

Assassins Creed Liberation, Cod Vita, PSA Vita plus crossplay and a handful of smaller titles were showcased. No other games really, but AC Cod and PSA will keep the fans happy until Sony announces more.

LOGICWINS2175d ago

Did they announce a price for that AC Vita Bundle?

ceedubya92175d ago

In reality, there are some potentially good games coming for it. Liberation and CoD are big name games that should do well. Persona 4 is a quality RPG that, while not really new, is a must buy for RPG fans. Playstation Allstars could be good as well. There are things definitely coming, but it would have been nice if there was at least a little more focus on the console. Right now, Sony isn't really showing anyone why they should buy a Vita, and its a shame because its a great handheld with a lot of potential.

LOGICWINS2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

"No other games really, but AC Cod and PSA will keep the fans happy until Sony announces more."

I don't think that the 10 billionth AC handheld spinoff and a milked shooter franchise thats getting worse and worse will keep Vita fans happy until Sony announces more. There have been COD games on handhelds before. Why people think that all of a sudden COD will be this HUGE success on Vita is a mystery to me. I think what Sony needs to do is lock up some Japanese RPG's that you can't get anywhere else.

Persona 5 might potentially be a Vita exclusive, or a cross platform PS3/Vita game. Valkyria Chronicles is hailed as one of the best JRPG's this gen and its two sequels weren't released on the PS3, but exclusively on the PSP.

Right now, Sony is marketing Vita to pre-existing PS3 owners...thats a BIG mistake. The amount of people who already own a PS3 and are willing to spend an extra $250 just to play a little brother version of a console they already have to play PS3 ports is SMALL(go ahead, tell me I'm wrong, Vita sales speak for themselves).

Sony should be exclusively trying to take over the handheld market....not creating supplements to the console market, which they are already succeeding in.

EXCLUSIVE franchises that can't be found ANYWHERE else.


changing the slogan from "Never Stop Playing" to "True gaming on the go" (or something similar) are the keys to Vita's success.

So keep slamming that disagree button people, when Sony changes their slogan this fall, I'll be the one laughing :D

miyamoto2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

For the Vita, the real show will be waged on the store shelves not E3 show floors.

That is the place where Sony should go and deliver.

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Sanquine902175d ago

I dont get it why they did not showed more vita games.. If they came with soul sacrafice i was sold;)

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helghast1022175d ago

Vita was at E3?
Huh, I must have blinked at the wrong time.

Acekidder2175d ago

lol yeah i was waiting for some big news to get me excited about owning one.... nothing at all very sad vita owner here :(

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