Epic want to shorten game development time with Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games president Mike Capps wants their upcoming Unreal Engine 4 to make game development time much shorter.

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Kran2176d ago

Great ¬¬ that means more games will come out too often and nobody will have the money to buy them.

come_at_me_bro2176d ago

Great developers could turn more efficient/quicker dev time into higher quality, longer, and more content rich games in the same cycle they have now. Hopefully the ones not tied to annoying publishers can utilize it that way.

tigertron2176d ago

Speak for yourself.

Besides, its not like we're going to buy every game that comes out.

FinaLXiii2176d ago

Dont worry there will be plenty of bad games.

Mariusmssj2176d ago

Some say it will be fully unveiled today June 7th at 1AM ET/PT on SpikeTV.

nirosan2176d ago

So has it been revealed yet? I can't seem to find anything...and on the spike calender thing it says Friday June 8th at 1AM et/pt. Maybe they changed it.

Mariusmssj2176d ago

I can't find any news either, really strange

ninjahunter2176d ago

Interesting, You know unreal is making it incredibly easier, especially for modders to create stuff with their engine, the need for actually coding is actually gone aside from modifying the engine. Their using a newish visual based system. (flowcharts and icons!) That means you can have more people who are artists and such which i feel will help games in the ways that people will notice. Of course theres still a need for programmers, there always will be, but their tasks are much more refined now, we should expect good results from unreal engine in the future.

crazytechfanatic2176d ago

If they make Unreal Engine 4 their new UDK, it would be insanely awesome!