Xbox Smart Glass Explained

PopBucket takes an in-depth look at Microsoft's biggest E3 announcement, Xbox Smart Glass. Join us to find out how it will transform the way we play games, listen to music and stream video.

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KMCROC542267d ago

Look forward to this , just need to get a wn8 tablet , wn8 phone. just to prevent finer details not explained.

BattleTorn2267d ago

I'm pretty sure they said it will work on all the tablets - like iPads and Andriod.

darthv722267d ago

but still cool to be able to interact with xbox (smart glass), sony (ps mobile) and nintendo (miiverse) from the same smartphone.

KMCROC542267d ago

Am sure they will work on all devices ,but am just going to be a bit more cautious like JamesSterling87 said it will probly work better with an MS product as an incentive.

JamesSterling872267d ago

Me too but apparently works with Android & iOS devices. Probably better with Windows though as an incentive!