The Glorious Chest of Jack Tretton and Other Sony E3 Observations

Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger outlines five observations from Sony's E3 conference, such as:

"I think I could make millions of dollars by combining the Wonderbook technology with some serious, totally fucked up hentai. If you are a venture capitalist and would like to take me up on this exciting business opportunity, holler at a player."

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Kamikaze1352145d ago

Don't waste your time clicking. The site clearly hates Sony. Basically "lol people still buy the Move!?" and "Quantic Dream's game will be crap!"

Relientk772145d ago

Thanx for saving me from wasting my time


BiggCMan2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Having the opinion "Sony had a boring conference to me" is perfectly fine. But being a sarcastic troll like this BLOG (not even a news article) is being, it should NOT have been approved (and yet 19 approvals for it, including AN ADMIN!!). This is blatant trolling, not a straight up opinion. This needs to be deleted.

This is what I have said in my report, hopefully they take action.

Godmars2902145d ago

Its hard to understand the whole "PS3 fanboys are the worst" with examples like this. Either this, considering the approvals, is a case of the non-existent anti-Sony conspiracy or its "regular" fanboys trying to rile up "those Sonytards" for laughs.

Xasthirion2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Pretty sure he said it "is going to be good, or it is going to be bad". Direct quote.

Also, he was commenting on how they went on and on at the Sony press conference about the Move and how it sold. Would you rather hear about new games or about a peripheral that came out 2 years ago?

Also, the "Wonderbook" is a joke. It's retarded. Unless you are 5 years old, why would you EVER want that thing?

I honestly can't tell if you have a severe learning/comprehension disability, or you are just an idiot. Either way I feel bad for you. There was no "Sony bashing" in that article whatsoever. The guy was commenting on things that any normal, sane human being would probably agree with. Sure, it was a waste of time to read, and probably shouldn't be on this site, but definitely not for the reasons you said.

aharshberger2145d ago

Hey guys, I'm Adam. I'm one of the dudes in charge of Pixels or Death, and I actually wrote this article. We're just having a laugh with this one. No harm intended.

We did the same thing to Microsoft:

With another entry for Nintendo coming up.

Feel free to keep hatin' if you want, though. We certainly will!

Godmars2902145d ago

You're missing the point that:
1) This article was quickly approved given the heavy approval count, whereas I'm not seeing the MS anywhere on N4G.

2) Either no compliments are given to Sony games, or a weak compliment comes after a stronger "joke" insult. Even the ship segment for AC3 takes a hit. Meanwhile Halo's fanbase almost gets a paragraph for their like of the game.

I may only be seeing something, what i see seems to be pretty obvious.

Xasthirion2145d ago

So it shouldn't be on the site because it didn't compliment Sony games? Jesus, kid...

MacTingz2145d ago

So. I mean, like, really, who gives a shit? I mean, seriously now. Really.