CVG: Forza Horizon: Epic, beautiful, brilliant

CVG writes: Turn 10's Creative Director Dan Greenawalt will tell you Forza is about turning car lovers into gamers and gamers into car lovers. Except that's not what it's about. Instead, Forza is about maths: it's about throwing numbers at everything from the way light hits your car to how your tyres flex.

When new Brit studio Playground Games started work on Forza Horizon they did it with Greenawalt's vision in mind, but with that maths as the foundation. That's how, in just two years, Playground have made the best-looking and best-handling road racer you'll ever play. While Microsoft's demo pods at E3 are running just the one car - the new Dodge Viper - with every possible assist turned on, you can play Horizon with the full Forza 4 handling model, or with any setting in between. Every car has been custom-tuned for on-road racing, but that's as far as Playground have gone with simplifying Forza's raw science.

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Chuk52234d ago

I have no idea why Microsoft didn't actually demo the game at their conference. Maybe because there was a forza in their last one. But this game looks incredible.

Graphically, it's one of the best looking games at e3.

Dlacy13g2234d ago

I was just going to say the same thing. I saw they demo'd it on one of the TV shows covering E3 (Spike or G4...I forget which) but it looked fantastic. This for sure isn't a "Forza" game but rather I think its much more akin to a "Burnout Paradice City" game.

Can't wait to see more.

ChunkyLover532234d ago

I said the exact same thing! Why not demo Gears Judgment and Forza Horizon?

EliteDave932234d ago

Its amazing how good it looks for being open world.

green2234d ago

My most anticipated game of the year.