E3 2012: Nintendo’s Worst Conference Ever?

This year’s E3 conference was Nintendo’s big chance to show off the Wii U and convince gamers it’s the console you must own in 2012. So how did they fare then? They completely blew it, quite frankly, argues Techtroid.

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NYC_Gamer2262d ago

The conference made me not even wanna bother with the Wii-U

MasterCornholio2262d ago

Same here i was expecting something truly next gen and geared towards the core but all i saw was a Wii HD with tons of casual games.

Its a bit early to determine the fate of the Wii U so i will give Nintendo another chance and hopefully they will do better at Gamescon and TGS.

But i agree with the majority of people that while E3 had some very good announcements, most of the conferences were utter crap.

I wasnt expecting much from Microsoft but Nintendo and Sony blew it.

corrus2262d ago

Actually i have read somewhere they not gonna be at Gamescon

decrypt2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Just looking at that control pad reminds me of a frying pan.

I dont see how that thing will fit into a kids hands. Which is most of the console user base anyways.

Lol i bet they used Reggie as a candidate when designing the controller.

miyamoto2262d ago

I was really expecting Nintendo to go all out for the PS360 gamers market with their announcements & at least some game play demos from EA.
It turned out no new exclusive 2nd or 3rd party games.
No Wii U specs either.

mewhy322262d ago

Same here. i was expecting something awesome and just got more of the same with a little glitter added.

TheLyonKing2262d ago

Is it just me aswell but not only did they no show the specs and price which was a mistake but did the screen size of the gamepad get smaller from last E3?

miyamoto2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

As Eurogamer puts it: "A wasted opportunity."

I was really hoping they would wow the PS360 crowd will awesomely brutal games but they DID NOT because they COULD NOT.

Nintendo can not shed, shake off nor sacrifice their wholesome family image whether they like it or not. They brought it upon themselves by going ultra casual. They have strayed off from The Way to far.

Nintendo is better off the way it is today for life. Doing what they do best for the kids and kids at heart. Nothing wrong with that. Its a huge market any ways.

Hayabusa 1172261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I don't understand. We already know the Wii-U isn't very powerful. And we know Nintendo's business is built on the casual audience. So why did you expect something "truly next gen"?

I've made a u-turn (tehe) and decided to buy a Wii-U, despite hating the Wii and never owning a Nintendo console. Were there any decent games that convinced me? Not really, it's the design of the hard ware that's convinced me. I think it has potential, and that's what i'm investing in.

All you guys are comparing the conference to what YOU wanted to see. Nintendo even said they weren't going to announce the price or the specs at E3, yet you're still dissappointed that they didin't :(

Ofourse the Nintendo conference is full of casual shovel-ware for kids. They always have done and they always will. Why expect anything else?

sikbeta2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Nintendo E3 2008 is still the worst. period. they dropped the ball for the second time with the wii-u, but at least got something to show like the console itself, not a bunch of dudes waggling their arms as in playing music

Never. Forget.

jeseth2261d ago

I was also very dissapointed in what they rolled out at e3. This was the year they could have grabbed back some core gamers that moved to PS and Xbox over the years.

Instead, we got a system that could have come out in 2005/2006 with PS3 and 360. The only game that interested me that they showed was ZombieU but even that was a teaser trailer with no gameplay. Other than that it was Mario (surprise...yawn), a newer Wii Fit (who cares), and just more of the same casual shovel ware crap alongside 3rd party games that are a year old and look as good as systems that have been out for 6 or 7 years.

Let down.

What is worse is that their young consumer base that made the Wii so popular is now getting older and probably wants games like those being featured on Playstation and Xbox. Now next year when Ps4 and 720 are announced ... it will make the Wii U look even worse.

Now that I think of it, the best thing for Sony and Microsoft that happened at e3 might have been the Nintendo show. It showed everyone how much better Playstation and Xbox are going to be in the future and how Nintendo would rather underwhelm.

Dac2u2261d ago

Nintendo needs to hire someone that knows what the hell they're doing at these events. They do all these idiotic little skits that a 12 year old would roll their eyes at. Know your demographic Nintendo! At E3, you're dealing with investors and adults, not elementary school kids.

They also need to learn how to show off their product. I remember when they announced the Wii U and no one really knew if it was an add-on to the current Wii or a new system. Even on G4, they were confused. This year, they didn't seem to want to show off what matters to us. I wish they'd get their act together, because I love their games.

badz1492261d ago

I also think that Wii Music time was their worst yet, followed closely by Dunnaway playing frisbee!

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eagle212262d ago

the conference sucked but the individual games didn't. Way more teaser trailers should have been shown for WiiU. Information like full backwards compatibility with VC games/Wii game saves should have been said. Hardware online community should have been detailed. BUT, now it's over. Keep an open mind. I'm not throwing Ninty under the bus then end up getting excited for Metroid on WiiU just cause their conference was lame. Honestly, if a game is coming in early it in 2013. Tired of games coming over 2 years after announced.

No modern system is perfect on launch day.

Patriots_Pride2262d ago

Worst E3 ever from Nintendo,MS and Sony *Fixed*

lizard812882262d ago

I thought last year's was the worse?

n4f2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

no its getting worst and worst.
when you have article that is saying:''who is the least worst'' and when people and fanboy are arguing about what year was better and not saying who wonyou know something stinks

TBM2262d ago

for me yes it was the worst and they only strength my decision to wait a year before i purchase a wii u.

other than new mario bros and rayman nothing they showed interested me, and these two games is not much for me to drop $300-400 on a new console with a lackluster showing.

Nimblest-Assassin2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Not their worst, but probably the most disappointing and underwhelming

You have this new console poised to start the next gen of gaming... and you did nothing with it!

The only new games were Pikmin 3. Nintendo the reason your fanbase is so loyal is because of first party.. and you did not deliver on that aspect

You announced 2 "new super mario bros" game

Arkham city which many people have already played

These theme parks...

I mean what the hell happened with them saying last year WE ARE GOING TO BRING THE HARDCORE GAMER BACK TO NINTENDO?

By re-releasing games we have already played with a few new features, or looks slightly better?

You show us exclusive content, things that make gamers... you guys had an exclusive demo of AC3... and you decide not to show it at the conference?

Not "oh now you can control the batarang with the gyroscope"

Even more appalling... no release date or price point announced? This is the second year, and we have no bloody idea what the wiiU can do yet!

WTH Nintendo?

Kurt Russell2261d ago

Do you smell the salt water? I think I do.

badz1492261d ago

Italian milk from the sewer!

morkendo232262d ago

you would think for NINTENDO bust a move to show off wii-U they would have SNES re-make games ready.

fatstarr2262d ago

everyone had bad e3 showings All C- or lower

linkenski2261d ago

Yeah i also agree. Nintendo's conference didn't really prove the Wii U to be for core gamers, but rather that it lives up the the "Wii" in the Wii U name.

So right now everyone should stay safe, because we will be flooded in shovelware once more!

MEsoJD2261d ago

E3 was an opportunity to get people excited, especially the hardcore. Some say that they only announced launch games and even if that's true, it's a stupid move to not talk about games being developed. If they said that they were working on a new smash bros, star fox, revamped network store and support, etc... people would become excited. They didn't make the argument in the slightest that I'm missing out, if I(a PC/S#/360 player) don't buy a WiiU.

Ashunderfire862261d ago

Nintendo that was the worst E3 ever!!!!! Everybody on here should check out GT's Invisible Walls reaction to Nintendo press Conference: Watch it at 17:00.

Nintendo's Wii conference back in 06, was better than this conference. It was the worst conference ever, worst than Microsoft and Sony!!! Seriously Batman Arkham City Armored Edition(Big whoop!!!), Mass Effect 3(The ending sucks), Pikmin 3(Don't even look much different from the past games), ZombieU(The only saving grace, but Ubisoft said it will eventually be multiplatform?). Nintendo!!! Nobody casual is watching E3, only core gamers, so why not show core games? This is a disappointment to Nintendo fans after the dumb down console Wii that's just a Gamecube with a motion controller. Now it seems like the Wii U is just WiiHD with a 3DS tablet function.

Drekken2261d ago

Ive been saying this since it was announced. Nintendo is good at what they do, but they do not appeal to me anymore. They lost me after N64.

The Wii with its specs were a joke and now the WiiU finally catching up to consoles that are on the verge of being succeeded.

Really all that is needed right now is native 1080p, but the problem is: If Nin is truly trying to get more 3rd party support... once the next xbox and ps come out, we will have another 360 situation on our hands where one of the consoles is holding the other one back.

Kaneda2261d ago

gamers - never bother with the wii anyway.. but casual gamers will flock to buy it..

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Rrobba2262d ago

It was pretty bad.

But I think Nintendo's 2008 conference was worse. This conference was boring - the 08 one was boring AND embarrassing.

stuntman_mike2262d ago

I think Reggie summed up the conference beautifully with the comment "I feel like a purple Pikmin".

Tomonobu Itagaki2262d ago

At least they showed GAMES, unlike Microsoft.

zeal0us2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

MS imho showed games we expect them to show. MS focus was about bringing more to your 360, entertainment wise(other than gaming).

Nintendo show the WiiU and some games but really not enough to get some people buying it. They could've at least gave a release date and price while on stage

Swagman23212262d ago

Half the games Nintendo showed had already been out on 360 for some time. Nintendos conference was terrible

TekoIie2262d ago

YEH! Like wonderbook!!!!

Which conference were you watching? Halo 4, Gears, Forza, SC:Blacklist, Tomb Raider, South Park and BlOps2...

Good year for Xbox gamers (Exclusives) and PS3 gamers (Multiplats). Seriously this was MS's best conference especially after showing their top 3 exclusives and i only found the Fitness game boring, Very good conference. Stop being butthurt because Sony wasnt the top dog like last year...

Tomonobu Itagaki2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

WTF are you talking about? We're talking about Nintendo, not Sony. And Nintendo showed games. Probably not what Xbox or PS3 players were looking for, but they're there.

They had games for Nintendo fans, games for 3DS, games for mature audience, etc...

What did Microsoft show? Another Gears of War, another Fable, another Forza. Everything else was multiplatform games and garbage: Usher, AirPlay, XBLA games. That's not what Xbox gamers deserve.

ShinMaster2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

This was about Nintendo, not Sony.

The following is your punishment:

Tomb Raider = Multiplatform
South Park = Multiplatform
Black Ops 2 = Multiplatform

The last of Us = PS3 Exclusive
PS Battle Royale = PS3 Exclusive
LBP Karting = PS3 Exclusive
Sly Cooper 4 = PS3 Exclusive
Beyond: Two Worlds = PS3 Exclusive
GOW: Ascension = PS3 Exclusive
Ni No Kuni = PS3 Exclusive
LittleBigPlanet = PSV Exclusive
AC3 Liberation = PSV Exclusive
DUST 514 = PSV/PS3 Exclusive

And also the news PS Plus members getting free full PS3 games every month was pretty great as well

So you say it's a good year for PS3 gamers for Multiplats only? LOL, get out of here with that.

jeseth2261d ago

Shin Master ...

Don't Forget ... Splinter Cell is multi plat again. Hahahaha. I laughed when I read that.

Blacklist is slated for PC, 360 AND Ps3.

Surprised that went under the radar as the last Splinter Cell was a 360 exclusive. Figured I'd help you embarrass Pekloie.

I think he had it backwards, every year is a good year for 360 with multiplats, and for PS3 with exclusives ... and NEW IPs at that. Not the same ones over and over all the time.

But hey, they did have Usher sing a song for them! Gotta be jealous of that!