E3 2012: Doom 3: BFG Edition Melts Your Retinas in Stereoscopic 3D - IGN


When John Carmack gets antsy, we gamers reap the benefits.

The id Software programming genius, who admitted to us he was "bored" after finishing his latest game engine -- the id Tech 5 that powers Rage -- is adding a little special sauce to the upcoming Doom 3: BFG Edition. The re-release -- which includes the original Doom 3 (now with simultaneously wieldable flashlights and weapons!), the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack, retail versions of the Xbox Live Arcade ports of Doom and Doom II, and new content -- will add a host of new technical bells and whistles to the eight-year-old game: HD resolution, a buttery smooth 60fps framerate, and, slickest of all, stereoscopic 3D HDTV support.

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NYC_Gamer2233d ago

The BFG Edition is good for all PS owners who never got to experience Doom 3

Emilio_Estevez2233d ago

Have they said a price? I wouldn't really wanna pay full price for a graphic overhaul

NYC_Gamer2233d ago

No price has been announced but i hope it's not 60 bucks...

Cajun Chicken2233d ago

Seems to be decently cheap on preorder in UK.

360 version is same price. There's even a PC version on the way, that's even cheaper but I don't know why anyone would buy Doom 3 for PC a second time around.