The Failures of E3 2012

E3 seems to have lost its muster over the past few years as this generation comes to a close. It seems hype and speculation seems to fuel each event going into it, and then all the speculation is proven wrong, making a lot of "experts" look stupid.

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AngelicIceDiamond2149d ago

The only failures I can think of is Allot of the developers weren't present. little to no surprises besides Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313. All 3 of the company's were lack luster especially Nintendo. How can you say, we have so many games and content coming to the Wii U console but can't talk about them on the stage?

MrDead2149d ago

The worst thing about E3 is that it generates endless whiny opinion pieces that just spout miserable crap.

MiamiACR212149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Looks like E3 and you have a lot in common.

MrDead2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I generate opinion pieces on my video game press conferences? Or that I'm a games expo?

MiamiACR212149d ago

You generate endless whiny opinion 'pieces' (Comments) that just spout miserable crap. Now grab a juice box on your way out of the class room MrDead, you deserve it.

MrDead2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I'm sorry was this yours or your husband’s article, just wondering what warranted that attack?

This year’s E3 had a lot of positives that many gamers enjoyed, an article on that would be better than the huge amount of negative ones. Each year we get the same slurry pumped into N4G that seems out of balance. The guy even moans about the 12 free games for Plus Members because he hasn't got enough space on his hard drive.

I will still take that juice box but if it isn't a carton of Um Bongo you can keep it.

CoryHG2149d ago

obviously sarcasm isn't your first language. i only have one bubble.

projectJenova2149d ago

microsoft as usual failed once again....
they showed once more that they dont care about the core-hardcores fans showin a middle finger an sayinghere take another halo and gear so u can shut up....we care about kids and kinect already

nintendo was the biggesr failure this year tho and all know why

sony except wonderbook wich btw for us it was boring as hell but this crap WILL SALE sh!tload just because it has the signature of JK rowling.
did an amazing job showing AAA exclusives
thats what gamers want games...there is no better time to join the is by far the best console available

DasTier2148d ago

Who do you think your convincing with all your pro Sony, anti everything else drivel? You remind me of those religious nuts you used to get in airports that give people flowers. Do you realize how foolish you look?