Dust 514 Preview - PSLS

GR writes: "So here I was sitting in front of CCP Games, the team responsible for one of the most unique MMORPGs of our time, EVE Online. But I wasn’t there to see the nine-year old EVE Online, I was there to see Dust 514. The thought of being in the presence of something as ambitious as an FPS tie-in for EVE Online was a bit intimidating at first, but after spending a few minutes playing it dawned on me that it is exactly as advertised, an FPS extension of EVE Online."

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JonnyBigBoss2144d ago

EVE Online rocked and I have a feeling this will too.

doctorstrange2144d ago

It's gonna be free, so I'll definitely give it a whirl

insertcoin2144d ago

Seems like every MMO house needs to do some kind of FPS.

knifefight2144d ago

CCP is doing this? Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting.