Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Will Not Hit Wii U

"Despite Nintendo now drawing level on processing power with Microsoft and Sony thanks to the Wii U, Konami’s Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will not be one title heading for the new system."

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NYC_Gamer2086d ago

It shouldn't since the game continues the story of part 1 and that won't be released on Wii-U

LightSamus2086d ago

Mass Effect 3 is on Wii U. Darksiders 2 is in Wii U. Arkham City is on Wii U. etc.

firelogic2086d ago

ME3 being on the WiiU is completely asinine. A trilogy with only the 3rd game on the platform? Even missing the first game on PS3 was stupid. Missing 2 is even more idiotic.

vividi2086d ago

and assassin's creed 3

DivineAssault 2086d ago

old games ppl played already with little implementation of the tablet.. Devs are scared to put too much time & effort into something that might not sell on the system.. Only 1st party games on Nintendo systems are successful so 3rd party devs will for the most part hold back.. If Nintendo doesnt DRASTICALLY change their marketing strategy & gain more 3rd party support before launch, Wii U will die

Hisiru2086d ago

They should release Mass Effect 2, Darksiders 1 and Arkham Asylum as digital downloads.

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ChickeyCantor2086d ago

The "story" is completely spoiled by the trailer of the second game.

rdgneoz32086d ago

Not really. All they show is he come out of the castle, see the enemy surrounding the place, use his powers to fly down their and then rape everyone. No where does it talk about events of the game that lead to what he became.

Though I do agree with LightSamus, others are coming out later on the wii u, so Lords of shadows 2 could as well. Its probably that they just don't feel like devoting the time to bringing it to the system.

ChickeyCantor2086d ago


The whole climax to where the first one is going to is spoiled in the trailer of the second game.

I wasn't talking about the story of the second game.

It's rather not that crazy to just put the second game on wii-u.
Hell even Mass effect 3 is....but that one doesn't make sense at all. At least give a trilogy pack EA.

jc485732086d ago

would rather make new ips

DivineAssault 2086d ago

well theres another reason not to buy it.. Only Nintendo fans will get Wii U.. Casual players arent even interested in it

thebowkid2086d ago

I hope the Wii U fails so bad that Nintendo open their eyes and see what their fans actually want. I got cheated with the Wii and I ain't falling for this again.

AWBrawler2086d ago

what kind of gamer hopes for a systems's failure???

BuffMordecai2086d ago

I'm not defending Nintendo, but after the so so sales of the Gamecube, they had to try something different to attract sales.

AWBrawler2086d ago

keep it! I swear I don't want it! My castlevanias are 2D and star Soma Cruz or Shanoa. I don't like this new westernized castlevania

TheRichterBelmont2086d ago

I think there's a place for both. Don't worry, I miss Richter too. xD