Kotaku: Here's How I Told Square Enix to Fix Final Fantasy

Brian Ashcraft writes:"In the wake of the euphoria surrounding Square Enix latest (and stunning) tech demo, the Tokyo-based game company launched a website for the demo. On it, there is a survey in which Square Enix asks people to give their opinions. You know, be honest. And honest I was."

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Ranma12260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Make them like the PS1 FF's?

Dont understand what i mean SE? I mean:

1-Concentrate on story telling over fancy graphics, make stories as good as FF6 & FF9

2-Bring back world map

3-Bring back memorable characters who have their own interesting story

4-Bring back battle systems that DONT play themselves !

....this is only a short list but they are some of the most important

wishingW3L2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

did you watch the video and filled the surrey? If not then go and write that on the feedback now!

user54670072260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I never undertsood why they changed the battle system

Turn based was amazing all they needed to do was speed up intros to the battles a little because with how many times you get into random battles you have to go through that loading screen to get into the battle, then it does that camera thing where it looks around the enviroment.

Battles really need to quickly load up as soon as you get one

I mean look how Lost Odyssey made turn based fun...they added the ring system which was kind of like Squalls R1 trigger attack from FF8 except in LO you had to time it at the right time.

Bring back turn based...just make it a little quicker so people don't get bored or annoyed with the same rinse and repeat random battles.

christian hour2260d ago

Ranma1 you spoke for all of us, I honestly don't know what these eejit at Kotaku is thinking by saying its their battle system thats wrong? For anyone who's been playign FF most their life its clear that the exclusion of exploration and depth from recent FF games has been the major problem, and the only game that seemed like it was going to include those (versus XIII) has been Vaporware for so long I'm beginning to question if we'll ever see this game, or if it will be scrapped now in favour of working on this game for nex gen consoles. I don't mind so long as it has airships, world maps, character depth and progression, etc, all hallmarks of the series that 2 generations ago nobody did better than square, and today it is nowhere to be seen in their games. Instead I had wonderful games like dragon quest on DS and Lost Odyssey on 360 doing what square enix used to do, thank god for Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu, Lost Odyssey was, for me, a final fantasy game for this gen. FFXII was disappointing for me (I know a lot of people liked it, I'm not hating here), the last time I enjoye an FF was FFX, and even though that was missing a world map, the areas were still big and unique enough to warrant exploration, I felt it didnt need one.

richierich2260d ago

I couldnt agree more with you those 4 features you mentioned was what made the previous Final Fantasy games so great back in the day

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wishingW3L2260d ago

Oh god, Kotaku... Please. They think that by making FF more action oriented the games will be better. =/

-Gespenst-2260d ago

If Agni's Philosophy is a taste of Final Fantasy to come, i'm very excited. Such an awesome direction for the franchise.

Capt-FuzzyPants2260d ago

Yea I think what's been taking them so long for games this gen is because they were making new engines. They made Crystal Tools and Luminous if I'm correct. That took a long time and once they get used to making games with them the developement will be faster and the games will also play phenomenally.

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joab7772260d ago

Have them play dragons dogma and learn. Dragons dogma is one of the few rpgs that brings back that RPG feeling I had when I was younger from games like baulders gate and fantasy. I love how u have 4 ppl to take care of and howgrindung isn't a nuisance but is mandatory. There's a story but it isn't so scripted that u have no time to enjoy ur hard work. Its simple formula. Introduce an area with quests. Work that area until u can kill everything while leveling up ur skills and equipment...and then move on. Maybe have something in the area u have to come back for.

As great as sky rim and the switcher are, as well as dragon age, they are all missing something from classic rpgs. I love stories. It just seems that u move on too quickly. Sky rim is awesome but there's no sense of leveling untilbu can get past an area. The skills are good but I finished w 100 in almost every skill. And if everything levels with u, u r leveling just so u can see what u get or how it looks. Kingdoms dis a good job of marking the level u enter with. This helped a bit. I just wish kingdoms had a party.

Also, dragons dogma created an almost mmo/dungeon style with its ng+ & loot. I loved ff13 post game content. It had all this. A goal, leveling up to achieve said goal. Maintaining ur party and using them to benefit etc. I just think DD did a lot right.

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