The Game Fanatics - PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Isn't Just A Smash Bros. Clone

The Game Fanatics got some coveted hands-on time with upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. Here's our thoughts straight from the Fanatics' mouth.

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LiquifiedArt2358d ago

would of rather a straight up smash bros clone. I hope this nee system doesnt destroy this what could of been great franchise. i feel like it will.

koh2358d ago

I agree, I'm more than willing to give it a shot, but I'm nervous about the fact that none of your standard attacks do anything but build up a meter. A combination where you can knock people off a stage WHILE building up power for more effective attacks would be ideal in my opinion.

-Alpha2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I do agree the intensity is gone of every move being potentially fatal, I really like that about SSB.

I have nothing against the showcased mode, just hope they have the sense to offer the options to customize how we play.

ApolloAdams2358d ago

But it clearly is though. Is it a 100% clone no but even the developers say their inspiration is from SSB and others.

Nothing wrong with it to be honest. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

GribbleGrunger2358d ago

But it clearly is though. Is it a 100% clone no but even the developers say their inspiration is from SSB and others.

Nothing wrong with it to be honest. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

sarshelyam2358d ago

Apparently you haven't played the game, I have, and it plays nothing like SSB so there's no way you can say it's a 100% clone.

hilyou2358d ago

Super Smash is really fun. This maybe a clone, but that doesn't matter. What matters is if it's good or not. But personally I would have made the game similar to Tekken or Mortal Kombat not Super Smash.l just like plain old fighting games.

smashcrashbash2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Why do people keep saying the attacks don't DO ANYTHING. They build up your power and use it. Why is that so hard to grasp. Why are people insisting it copy the cheap gameplay of SSB brothers where you can just push people off edges and one hit can send you flying? Yes that's right I said Smash Brothers was cheap.

Anyone could hit someone a lot and someone else would finish them off or someone would just sit on edges pushing off anyone who came near enough.Your 3 level super doesn't even come easy in the game. They said themselves that any death brings your meter back to zero meaning you still have to fight for your life and defend or not kill anyone at all.People talk as if everyone will just be standing there like crash dummy allowing you to hit them so you can build up your super attack to the highest level. you even have to avoid being killed so they don't minus it from your final score.

Why are people talking as if it was a walk in the park/ Even worse people keep saying it doesn't have the 'strategy' SSB has. What strategy did SSB have that was so great? Standing around and waiting while everyone else did the work for you? Grabbing the hammer so you can knock every one out? Using Pokeballs that were to strong to stop? Blocking that just gets you thrown aside? Standing at the edge of stages to push people off? Using projectiles from screens away to keep others at bay? Unblockable super attacks? I liked playing SSB too but you could win easily by playing cheaply and mashing buttons

BTW I know no one has noticed but in Smash Brothers normal attacks didn't do anything either but bring up your enemies percentage so you could destroy them. It basically the same thing PASBR is doing.Every move in SSB wasn't potentially fatal. I could hit someone forever and if I didn't do a special kind of attack they would never die

koh2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Actually many of SSB's normal attacks are perfect for keeping an opponent off the stage after forcing them off. All I'm saying is that I've always loved the strategies involved with knocking an opponent out when their damage is low (call that cheap if you want, I call it strategy that is hardly without risk) and that this HAS THE POSSIBILITY of becoming extremely repetitive as everyone just hits each other without worry of getting hurt in order to fill a bar. Like I said above, I like the idea of a super attack you gain by doing damage to opponents, I just don't like the fact that the super attack is the only means of scoring (it's certainly a better way to get move powerful attacks than the smash balls IMO).

smashcrashbash2358d ago

That is why you have three levels. You use the easy first levels to destroy your opponent or risk building up a 2nd level or third level attack. I understand it seems different but the risks are still there whether you can throw your opponent off screen or off a cliff or destroy him with normal attacks.

You have to worry about someone destroying you and taking away your AP and you still have to defend yourself or the other players will get their Super attacks before you do and you still have to hit someone hard enough to get enough AP to build up you attacks. I understand that it is different and people have their doubts but I wish people would stop acting as if the attacks are doing nothing at all and as if the super attack are a breeze to build up.Other people will be gunning for you. Could you imagine if your opponents knew you were about to get a three level super. They will be all over you to stop you.I am not saying it is perfect but could we give it a chance before we condemn it? It's not SSB. Remember that.

koh2358d ago

I'm not saying this is without risks or strategy. And I'm really trying to withhold judgement for which I like better until I have a chance to try it, but my initial feeling is that I will like the scoring mechanics of SSB better. If PSASBR has other scoring options then this is pretty moot of course.