Gears of War 4 won't be an Xbox 360 game

OXM UK: Judgement is the "last great Gears" for current gen.

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aviator1891684d ago

That's good to hear, but it was pretty much a given.

antbolton891684d ago

EPIC have so much talent why dont they make a new IP, Gears was amazing but dont milk it, a trilogy and a prequel has to be enough

creatchee1684d ago

I have no problem with a new Gears trilogy or standalone after Judgment. However, I want it on next-gen consoles. Even though Halo 4 looks like a huge leap forward graphically for the series, I don't think that as substantial an upgrade would be possible for the Gears franchise on current-gen hardware.

TekoIie1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

They showed a new IP a while back: Fortnite.

Basically think of Gears 3 horde combined with Minecraft creation and then the enemies attack at night. I think thats a good way to describe watch the trailer. Doesnt really show much but it gets across what the games is all about.

Wish it was shown at E3 though :(

BattleTorn1684d ago

Fortnite looked awesome!

ginsunuva1684d ago

That's some lame xbla thing.

vallencer1684d ago

Im sure they will soon. Part of it is they really only have one studio. Now they will have another one in boston though that will have people from 38 studios in it. And people can fly as well but I think it also boils down to what's popular right now. I do agree though they have immense talent and should make something new. Bulletstorm was new and great but noone really bought it. Kind of sad.

KMCROC541684d ago

Baltimore is where those from 38 studios are going to the New Baltimore site.

vallencer1684d ago

I knew it started with a b. Thank you for the correction kmcroc.

bangoskank1684d ago

Agreed: The trilogy ended perfectly with the exception of the Queen not having a complete character arc. An origin game focusing more on her rise to power and motives would be most welcome but anything else would be milking the franchise dry.

Shadonic1684d ago

MS better buy some studios like IDK Bungie and start some new IP's I love gears and i would love a trilogy but i need more than this.

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DivineAssault 1684d ago

DUH! I dont understand why they would even continue making the series next gen either.. Halo & Gears have run their course & microsoft needs to hire devs that will make NEW & EVOLVED IPs.. Their offerings are stale to me so i wont be investing in the future xbox.. Im now a Sony guy & used to hate them.. The user interface sucks but they provide where it counts.. NEW GAMES

Disccordia1684d ago

They have, MS have like 7 new studios working on new IP for next-gen.

DivineAssault 1684d ago

yes but if theyre all about killing aliens with guns, its not much different

JellyJelly1684d ago

@tgonzalez - Do you also think that all Gran Turismo games are about driving Skylines, all God of War games are about killing the same mythic creatures over and over, and that all MGS games are about sneaking through the same corridors hiding in the same boxes?

It's easy to generalize. What do you want Halo to be about? Sports?

"microsoft needs to hire devs that will make NEW & EVOLVED IPs.."

Isn't Forza Horizon a great example of an evolved IP? Polyphony should have done something like that long ago instead of just adding a coat of paint and a couple of skins to each iteration of GT.

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Fyflin1684d ago

Glad to hear. Far too much hearsay about the 720, wish they would just come out and announce it.

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