Why Michael Ironside Isnt In Splinter Cell: Blacklist

During an interview , Max Beland, the director of Blacklist, explained the change of voice actors in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

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xtremexx2236d ago

Dammit Michael, if only you were younger.

murt19872235d ago

This is just spin from Ubi Soft. They still could have used his voice regardless with reasonable success with another actor doing the motion capture.

It was clear Michael Ironside had some issues with the last games direction and he never voiced the original trailer for Conviction as a result. He clearly feels his character has run it's course OR Ubi Soft just didn't want the same hassle that he caused in script changes like the last game.

The lack of Michael Ironside and this new 'action' direction the series is heading has put me off and they won't be getting my money.

TheGuyWho2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )


Mr_Kuwabara2235d ago

He might play a good motion captured Major Zero though.

v0rt3x2235d ago

It's sad but I understand why they did it.

ThichQuangDuck2235d ago

Realistically it is because Beland wanted to make sam a predator rather than "grandma" hiding in the shadows in chaos theory. Chaos Theory is my favorite game of all time wish stealth was back like they claim but they will have to prove that to me and other fans. I am glad they are at least bringing back spies vs mercs

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The story is too old to be commented.