The Lost Message – Nintendo at E3 and “Wooing” the Core

Martin Watts for BNBGAMING writes:

“It’s all about the games.”

These are the words that came from Reggie Fils-Aime’s mouth, President and Chief Operating Officer at Nintendo of America, during his company’s long-awaited E3 conference. It was Nintendo’s time to show a world of eager spectators and analysts what it has up its sleeves for the impending Wii U launch later this year.

And by the time we had reached the end of the conference, it was pretty clear that Nintendo doesn’t have very much planned at all.

Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference may have been a lacklustre affair but the real issue lies with the company’s inexplicable ability to understand the meaning of the term “core”.

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DivineAssault 2180d ago

Nintendo failed to sell the Wii U to not only ppl that want MATURE rated games, but even casual players as they see no purpose in buying another wii fit or dance game when the one they own is collecting dust.. Casuals also have tablets & smart phones that do what wii u can outside of the gaming aspect.. It doesnt end there as investors & possible customers were turned off by the show of childish games.. No children were present at the event so they focused on the wrong crowd.. Nintendo Wii U will ONLY be appreciated by Nintendo fans & them alone..

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Khordchange2180d ago

omg no they didn't, the casuals love this stuff. Just because you are stubborn that they didn't show what you want doesn't mean they didn't nail the casual department.

The investors were obviously pleased, their stock raise by 2 percent since the conference. The internet's opinion doesn't matter in the real world, because if it did kinect would have failed miserably when in reality it was the fastest selling tech device.

I don't want to say I enjoyed the conference, because I didn't, but to say casual parents wouldn't enjoy this stuff is just a flat out lie

DivineAssault 2180d ago

nintendos stock FELL after this years show by 2.68 percent.. the link wont stick but google it.. I asked current wii casual players about what they thought just to see the reaction and they all said pretty much the same thing. "thats stupid, i have an ipad, i already have a wii i dont play"

Khordchange2180d ago

Thats the japanese stock, the american stock rose. Just people ignoring that, and your comment about the casuals was made up

house2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

i was counting on Nintendo e3 to see if the wiiu would be worth it i was one of the many thats was on the fence and as much as i hate to say im not getting one they showed no specs,no price and very few hardcore games and its a damn shame

SleazyChimp2180d ago

I don't think Nintendo has time to wow gamers down the line. Lets face it, one of the other two console makers are gonna start stealing headlines with their next gen hardware in the next 6-8 months. Unless those companies drop the ball really bad that doesn't leave Nintendo with alot of time to convince "core" gamers to give the Wiiu a second look. To me Nintendos woes all started with the name. What the hell does WiiU even mean. Its hard to get hardcore gamers to take a console seriously with a name like that. Its not a name that conveys power or demands respect. When I first heard the rumors of project cafe and Nintendos commitment to reclaim the core crowd, I was excited. But from the announcement of its name to its E3 showing, its been all down hill. It may very well excite its base, it just seems to do squat to excite anyone else.