E3 2012 Nintendo Developer Round Table Rundown

Reggie Fils-Aime made it clear at Nintendo’s E3 press conference today that it would be broad in scope, but didn’t really leave enough time to get into all the titles that would be coming to the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U consoles. To help alleviate this and provide a bit more detail, Nintendo held a developer round table conference tonight. While the full broadcast will be available soon, we here at Gamers Xtreme have an inside view of the information presented. Read on!

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DivineAssault 2175d ago

As horrible as they did, nintendo could very well be saving alot of info & games to release right before next gen hits to make the console look more appealing to ppl than an expensive new one.. Possibly a 3DS lite as well so they can steal the thunder from Sony & Microsoft.. Who knows tho? Could just stay the way it is

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2174d ago

You are right- and we know that you are right because the games that people crave the most on Nintendo were not shown.

We know that Zelda is in the works, We are reasonably sure Metroid is being worked on...

Argus92174d ago

Have to agree. Nintendo's definitely treating E3 like a big tease, but unlike some others that called this the worst E3 ever, I'm actually really excited by what we're seeing. It's smoke and mirrors but we're being baited enough to get really excited!