Microsoft’s SmartGlass reflects the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones

Microsoft's SmartGlass program could potentially reach 29 million consumers in the United States and Western Europe.

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THR1LLHOUSE2179d ago

I'm very excited to look at a map of Westeros on my iPad as I watch Game of Thrones on my Xbox.

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aviator1892179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I'm definitely excited to use this come this winter. MS has a really great opportunity here and I just hope the tech delivers.

123_3212179d ago

I wonder if they'll (Sony/MS) allow this to be on the Vita.

darthv722179d ago

If I understand correctly. This app will be available to not only the ios and wp7 market but to the android as well. That means that pretty much any android device that has access to the current android store would be able to download and use it.

I dont think the vita has access to the android marketplace even though it is an android based unit. That is a sony thing.

Now if sony made it so the vita could access the google play store (android marketplace) then the likeliness of being able to use smart glass could be possible.

MS isnt limiting the use of this app to only "certified" devices like sony is with playstation mobile. If you have an iphone or droid or wp7 then you can use this app. I would even bet it works on the nook and kindle because those are droid based that can access the droid marketplace.

joab7772179d ago

I think this may b a fine idea but let's think bolder. Instead a vita, create a Microsoft tablet that links with Xbox, win 8, win phone seemlessly. And instead of offering smart glass for everyone, limit it to windows devices. Dirty right? U don't have to make an iPad killer, just a kindle fire killer. Many of my friends are not wealthy but they all have a fire and play Xbox. So, a $249 tablet that links with everything could b Microsoft's in. I dunno

Fyflin2179d ago

Can't wait to see how this works first hand when it launches. Hopefully MS will back it fully and there will be no end of support.

I imagine there will be several high profile 360 games that work with it (Halo 4 amongst others) but it would be brilliant if MS made it standard for next gen. Kind of like how every 360 game has to have achievements, be compatible with custom soundtracks etc. I see them doing the same with Kinect voice commands too, even if it's just for navigating menus.

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