Media Create software sales (5/28 – 6/3)

Media Create published the latest software sales from Japan, including a huge debut for Square Enix's Dragon Quest Monsters.

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dc12302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I have a Sony preference.
I appreciate the quality of their products and the diversity of games available on the PS3.
I own or have owned every gaming platform post 1986 (started gaming in 78).
I prefer gaming on the PS3/PC as well as PSV/3DS.

The above is a qualifier for the following statement :
Sony would be incredibly absent not to drop the price of the PSV within the next quarter. The market directs cost/consumption and it may be to great of a risk to hold off on the price correction until the heavy hitters (games) release.

I was on the other side of this argument 4 weeks ago.

Thanks all - i feel better....