( The Last of Us is an E3 showstopper's Don Oliveira writes:

"If you’re really a PlayStation fan, then you’ve probably already watched Sony’s E3 2012 keynote. And if you did that, then you definitely saw The Last of Us, what I firmly believe might be the “game of the show.”

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neutralgamer192147d ago

But of course. It wasnt running on a high end pc like watchdogs which is not representative of what watchdogs will look on consoles.

Also a huge nod to pikimon and mario those two were definitely next gen games according to a few delusional fanboys on here that still hold the nintendo torch high lol

Last of us was really good looking and best of all the gameplay and story seem solid.

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neutralgamer192147d ago

Pikmin was a lemmings rip off and its innovative? lol I dont care about the name it doesnt garner any of my attention so who gives a f###? The wii u games were innovative lol hahaha your insane take off your fan googles. Wii u shwed it is current gen catch up and has nothing new to offer. Keep your gimmicky control and old rehashed games while i play the real next gen games on my console.

Your crazy so by your statement....
1) pikimin lemmings rip off was innovative lol yeah ok
2) new mario- Same old bs looked like a wii game so current to last gen
3) Mass effect 3, batman and other ports-Innovative as well? lol plz they can keep that gimmicky controller crap

Nintendo had nothing but old stale stuff and the new was no sign of next gen. It s a shameeeeeeee and that system will not have anything over current systems sorry to burst your bubble.

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