[E3] ArmA III is on the Show Floor at E3

E3 is a venue not exactly known for its attention to PC gamers; as years have gone by it has become a decidedly console-centered event. However, one of PC gaming's most anticipated and hardcore titles is on display on the show floor: ArmA III.

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ATi_Elite2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Easily the best game at E3! MilSim at it's finest. I can't wait to interrogate civilians on enemy where abouts.

I'm sure we will get some proper Arma III Day Z DLC in the future.

Hopefully so the Day Z creator can get a big fat pay check.

GamingPerson2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Most people don't know Planetside 2 & Arma 3 are the biggest and best shooters at E3 because they don't get TV ad's like Cod. That is what grabs console gamers attention. I expect Cod to get best shooter of E3 just cuz.

ATi_Elite2144d ago

You are so right!

Firefall, Warface, Arma III, Planetside 2 are ALL on my to get list!!!

currently playing Firefall Beta and it is AWESOME. lots of teamwork involved and there are so DAM good players already.

Warface is what COD wishes it could look like and the game play is intense.

Arma III* and Planetside reason not get these day 1.

*unless you do not like MilSims cause they are very challenging.

josephayal2145d ago

Coz developers are moving to consoles.

papashango2145d ago

actually BIS uses the FADE drm. IMO one of the most frustrating and difficult DRM's to bypass. Search the popular torrent sites and read the comments you may see some that claim to bypass FADE but the comments always tell another story.

Somebody2145d ago

Several years back a game crack site that I usually go to said that it can't guarantee that their crack can bypass FADE at all. The cracks can bypass the CD-check DRM but that's only first layer of FADE. After several hours/days playing, FADE kicks in and things start to get weird.