( Beyond: Two Souls is an E3 showstopper's Steven Williamson writes:

"The quality of the production in Beyond: Two Souls is immediately apparent, as is Quantic Dream's intention creating an emotive experience that really grabs you by the throat and draws you into the action."

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tigertron2231d ago

I thought The Last of US was the game that took the PS3's power to the max but this game shows us that QD can keep up with ND and produce ground breaking visuals for an old console.

I didn't even think they could top Uncharted's graphics in 2007, but then came Uncharted 2 in 2009 and then Heavy Rain in 2010.

I think TLOU and this look on par with each other and both I'm sure will be AAA quality exclusives next year. Both will be day one purchases.

tigertron2231d ago

I just downloaded the trailer from the PStore. It looks even better in HD on my TV. Seriously if Sony said this was on the PS4 I'd believe them.

SnakeCQC2231d ago

the saddest thing is i cannot wait for this game to come out but im going to have to

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neutralgamer192231d ago

No according to shintowave pikimon and mario wii u were show stoppers and shwed that wii u is def next gen lol hahahahahahaha Dont mind him hes a stealth troll at least with me you know how i feel about the wii u abomination and lie of a next gen console.

Sad three years from now when ps4 and xbox are wiping the floor with wii u game wise it still wont be producing beyond, uncharted, and last of us visuals.

But but gearbox said lol

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