E312: What is 'Dawn of the Wolf' in The Last of Us?

Was the poster that was shown in The Last of Us trailer an Easter egg, or just a little joke by the team at Naughty Dog?

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DigitalAnalog1818d ago

Because before the world was ravaged by the infected, another form of "rabid" creatures known as fangurls was swooning over the vampire/werewolf phenomenon. I believe natural selection took over which caused the events you see in TLOU.

WeskerChildReborned1818d ago

Lmao, well Twilights last movie is this year so maybe the end is close O.o if that is some accurate info lol.

Nitrowolf21817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It is Twilight, confirmed in IGN demo preview.
Ellie asks about the movie poster: \

"Ellie asks Joel if the girl gets "gutted" at the end, and Joel scoffs, telling her it's a "dumb teen movie."

r211818d ago

this made me laugh! XD

NastyLeftHook01818d ago

A parody to Dawn OF The Dead.

house1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

most likely just there to add to the atmosphere of the game... but who knows it might be like uncharted last of us Easter egg

LOL_WUT1818d ago

Make it into a game Sony and let Naughty Dog work on it.

Nitrowolf21817d ago

I do not want a Twilight game

izumo_lee1818d ago

I think it will be part of the trophy objectives. Remember Elle said she saw a lot of these so i am guessing if you find them all throughout the game a trophy will unlock.

That is why in the demo he did not press triangle to interact with it.

Bowzabub1818d ago

Sounds about right. Something to replace treasure hunting. Good call I'd say.

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