The Last of Us: More exploration, more characters to be revealed – Naughty Dog

The Last of Us will allow players to choose just how much of the environment they want to explore, and Naughty Dog are promising “a pretty big cast of characters”.

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Awesome_Gamer2112d ago

Sounds amazing, Naughty Dog always make great games <3

Reaper99372112d ago

This game is unbelievable....I have never seen such lifelike AI in a video game before, absolutely amazing.

ND is the reason I can't wait for PS4.

creatchee2112d ago

I'm excited for TLOU. I only hope that the entire game is as exciting and intelligent as the gameplay we've seen thus far. I have infinite confidence in Naughty Dog though - this game will be one of the defining titles of this generation if the small taste we've received is indicative of the entirety of the finished product

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THC CELL2112d ago

Best ai ever god can u picture a skyrim game with this tech, uncharted 4 going to be scary next gen and I mean we may not tell who ai or live

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modesign2112d ago

i want to see more interaction and combat with the infected.

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