Top 5 Disappointments of E3 2012

There were plenty of exciting announcements and entertaining highs at this year’s E3 gaming showcase – but there were also a number of crushing, deflating lows. Having taken in the good, the bad and the ugly while covering the event, Jonathan Szafran presents his selection of the five biggest E3 flops.

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Mad_Mack2261d ago

But Jonathan, without pop stars and comedians presenting at these things, people might not think that games are cool.

I love how no other entertainment industry would use randoms to promote the new material but its ok to do it at games shows. It is far from the first time that inappropriate presenters have been used, and it is almost always a disaster.

I am going to start a campaign to get Peter Molyneux in as a pundit on Soccer Saturday.

modesign2261d ago

you obviosly have never seen the coke/pepsi commercials with singers, theres always a commercial were they have a movie star or musician peddle that product, capital one and baldwin.

n4f2261d ago

yeah true but i rather not have them on video game we dont give a fk about them we wont play more game cause snoop dog is in tekken tag

Mad_Mack2261d ago

I am not talking about using stars to promote sports wear or fizzy drinks, I am talking about using stars who are famous in one entertainment medium to promote in another.

Musicians talk about music, actors talk about films, former sports stars talk about sports, but when it comes to games they roll out whoever they can in an effort to...what?

SilentNegotiator2261d ago

That's like using a high Jamie Kennedy to do a games presentation...right, Activision?

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