Media Create hardware sales (5/28 – 6/3)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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eagle212266d ago

3DS doubled it's last week sales to over 100K. That's like pre-holiday numbers.

Dante1122265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Everything decreased but the Vita, PS3, and 3DS. The 360 only sold 2k this week but finally outsold the PS2. Think MS will still market hard in Japan when the next gen consoles come out?

2265d ago
feeter2265d ago

For the Vita to succeed they need titles like this... but im guessing Nintendo has a deal with Enix for the Dragon Quest games... but they are getting a Monster Hunter sooo they can sell a few units then... but these games dont sell as well in the US so they need something here to boost sales(besides Gravity Rush, LBP and Assassins Creed)...

SandWitch2265d ago

*X360 overtakes PS2 in Japan*

Party in MS office

Shadow Flare2265d ago

The battle of the DVD9 consoles

Clarence2265d ago

Hilarious that's M$ claims that the 360 is the top selling console WW, when it only sells more in the NA. Though it is selling more than the wii, but not more than the PS3.

2265d ago
DivineAssault 2265d ago

i can understand why 3ds sells in japan cuz of all the great titles they get & have.. When 3ds sells alot here, i wonder why.. 17+ million systems sold so far but only 700K copies of Revelations have been sold.. Thats like the best action game on it & it sold so little.. The west doesnt get anything but casual & mario esq games from nintendo.. Im glad i moved on to vita

Hicken2265d ago

It's mostly in the name, I'd think. That, and in the primary target market: kids. If a couple has 3 kids, they'll buy all of them a 3DS in three different colors, even if the youngest kid can barely read. They buy a game here or there, one to share, and a bunch of DS games, and there you have it: plenty of system sales, not so much on the software side.

There are lots of arguments about the 3DS being as core as it is casual, but the truth of the matter is that far more casual people(in this case, kids who barely know what gaming is) buy the system than core people. The software sales reflect that, as core titles don't come anywhere close to having the high-flying sales of kid-friendly titles like Mario.

AWBrawler2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

wow! So my Kid Icarus that i've yet to eject from my 3DS is casual?
DOA is casual?
Tekken is casual?
MGS is casual?
samurai warriors is casual?

Damn what the hell is hardcore anymore? only FPS??

DivineAssault 2265d ago

MGS is over priced, DOA is cool but toned down to Teen rating, samurai warriors sucked w critics..

If a zelda, metroid, hand drawn castlevania, or some more of the games i personally like, i would feel better.. Its up to Nintendo to satisfy ppl with my tastes & they havent done so.

Nintendo 1st party games are deep & can get tough to explore & complete ALL the objectives but i dont want another mario w a fresh coat of paint.
My point is ONLY nintendo releases successful games on their consoles.. 3rd party stuggles & Im personally tired of all cartoony games from them.. To each his own but i get most of those 3rd party on vita and its alot better to me.. Hardcore means M rated greatness(every1 has their own opinion).. I hate shooters so that wouldnt make me feel any different.

AWBrawler2265d ago

Yea to each its own, because Hardcore doesn't have to be rated M at all IMO.

I've played hardcore games that were E, E10, T, and M in my life, so it still baffles me that these days only M rated is considered hardcore.

DivineAssault 2265d ago

I know, HARDCORE means collecting every star in mario & finding the best weapons in Kid Icarus, & exploring 100% of the map in Metroid, & finding every bottle & heart piece in Zelda, or solving puzzles right all inside cartoon land.. Plz, these games havent changed much since N64 & i know cuz i have them all.. Adding a wand doesnt change the heart of the game.. I shouldnt use HARDCORE, let me say CORE instead.. Thats why Nintendo added clickable analog sticks instead of slide pads right? Thats why circle pad pro was released? because those tools are needed for HARDCORE games.. not just shooters which i despise..

AWBrawler2265d ago

again, i understand you hav your opinions, and i have mine, because I have no problem with cartoon looking games. half of what i watch is cartoons anyway (although anime is far from kiddy) so it makes sense that I love those games.

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