E3 2012: SHOCKER! How Ubisoft won E3

No other company is exhibiting the same energy and dare as the French maestros, writes Will Porter

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ApolloAdams1989d ago

Completely agreed. Ubisoft came out and surprised us all and killed it.

1989d ago Replies(2)

Simple... they didn't forget who gamers are and what gamers really want.

Well done to them.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1989d ago

"Well Said"

That's right!

Gamers want Aisha Tyler!

(And ZombiU the only survival horror game remaining it seems. Dead Space and Resident Evil were infected by the Action virus).

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1989d ago

Aisha Tyler is how they won.
(maybe not the whole reason but most of it).

sonicsidewinder1989d ago

Made me want to punch the screen.

Veneno1989d ago

Ubisoft was very strong, but man did I cringe during the co-op demo of Farcry 3. With all the terrible dude-bro conversation. There werent enough racial and homophobic slurs for it to seem authentic.

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