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Guy, Jane and Danny battle it out to see which of the three main E3 2012 press conferences was the best - Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo?

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Haha1232144d ago

Ubisoft easily!!

Farcry 3
Assassins Creed 3
Watch Dogs

all looked absolutely amazing!!

realiks2144d ago

Indeed. But as a console It was Sony.

Dante1122144d ago

Sony for me. Microsoft didn't have anything but Kinect and Smart glass. No new IPs, just Halo, Gears, and Forza.

darthv722143d ago

on that...we can add that the only real new things we saw from sony was beyond and the wonderbook. Pretty much every other title shown we already knew about. They just had more to show of them. Albeit some really nice footage of GoW and LoU but still we knew about them.

MS showed off new stuff we didnt know about. Whether or not the stuff shown appeals as much as Halo, Gears, Forza remains to be determined but they did show new stuff.

I certainly wasnt expecting the smart glass nor was I expecting it to be made to ios and droid users. When they said it I knew right away that this would be something for windows phone/tablet users so it was surprising (to me anyway).

Nintendo showed off some new stuff too but not really so much them. The fact the wii-u will be a bit more core and have titles like darksiders 2 and assassin creed 3 and mass effect 3 when the previous games werent available for the wii. Sure those games will be on ps3/360 but this will be first time on nintendo. Even ninja gaiden 3 when the last time we saw a NG game was the NES days.

Overall the shows had both up and down moments. I think the real winners are the gamers but to choose a single winner of the show.....I just cant seem to pick one of those 3.

Ubisoft really blew me away with watch dogs and rayman legends.

Dante1122143d ago

@ darth

Are you kidding me? Yeah, I was amazed by the 3 new Kinect games and apps for Live that I have to pay for.

turgore2143d ago


Sony > Microsoft > Nintendo.

But overall they all were poor and lacked big surprised and had tedious parts eg. Usher.

MAJ0R2143d ago

bwahaha.... bwahahahaha

Sorry that was just too funny, if anything Nintendo had the worst conference, closely followed by Microsoft, and Sony with the best conference because of The Last of Us gameplay (only reason they won, otherwise Microsoft may have taken it)

papashango2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I think we all lost as alot of people were expecting next-gen announcements. all 3 console makers had pathetic showings.

Ubisoft saved E3. Never thought I'd say that considering their record for butchering their franchises.

Commander_TK2143d ago

Ubisoft > Microsoft = Sony = EA > Nintendo

EmperorDalek2143d ago

Halo 4 defeated anything Sony showed combined. So did South Park. MS wins if you ask me. MS didn't have any boring moments either, whereas Sony showed Wonderbook for 20 minutes. AC3 naval gameplay was boring too.

solidjun52143d ago

From the hardware standpoint, they all did piss poor.

Software: Ubisoft got this. The ship level in AC3 was amazing.


Wii presentation was by far the most disappointing because despite all the talk about how the WiiU would please the hardcore too they only focused on gimmicks like Miiverse and casual games like Nintendo Land... Even ZombiU was more presented as a zombify-my-face app than a game.

They had the chance to back it up by fully presenting the Wii U but they had not shared specs, a price or a more detailed line up of games. Not to mention they are still focusing too much on Wiimote gameplay and the graphics, although good, were nothing to write home about, it left a impression of half-gen console.

The problem with MS conference that people apparently don't get is that if you are not already interested in 360, it had nothing for you. Halo, Gears and Forza are all great games, not worse than what Sony showed by any means, but if you didn't already like it, there's nothing really left for you. They are simply stagnated.

On the Sony conference, despite most games already being announced, they were new IPs, most of what we had not seen gameplay.

Not to say Sony had a perfect conference in anyway either. I'm not even sure if it was good... That wonderbook thing almost killed it. And Battle Royale presentation should had been a montage instead of a 3 minutes fight with an annoying commentator.

But it could had gone much worse for Sony if the main showers were just the same franchises from every other E3.

The fact is that this year all the big 3 came short of surprises or a decent volume of hardcore games. The bar was generally setted really low. Ubisoft presentation wasn't all that good either, the host was mess, but they had the game of the show, so they naturally got the prize.

t0mmyb0y2143d ago

I agree it was Sony too. WiiU needed to show more games that make the new controller shine. Microsoft.....Halo, Gears, Forza.......really. AGAIN!

BattleAxe2143d ago


-End single word statement

EVILDEAD3602143d ago

IMO Micrsoft won E3 for overall presentation and impact of the what they showed.

People keep screaming Ubisoft but Ubisoft just simply showed their lineup..they don't have to sell hardware.

Everybody wins because their games come to all of the consoles.

Sony's presentation was a let down because the games that would have DESTROYED the comp didn't make the stage.

And none of the best games on the Sony stage will be arriving in 2012..No Last of us, No God of War and Quatum's game may not even arrive in 2013. Wonderbook really hurt the flow of the presentatation and it's amazing they got a pass that NO OTHER console would have post E-3.

Ninendo had the toughest assignment and I'm just not sure that they convinced the world that they MUST own a Wii-U but who knows what will happen down the line after Tokyo game show.

Before E3 I thought Sony was the favorite when they claimed to have had so many exlcusives, but after seeing everyone's show in it's entirety..


Just my take


P_Bomb2143d ago

E3 is always about future games though, not just a trailer for Q3. Unfair to diss Sony for showcasing some 2013 games but giving MS props for impact when their big E3 exclusives (Halo/Gears/Forza) were literally a carbon copy of 2011's final months (HaloAnniversary/Gears3/Forza4 ).

Has only been 8 months since MS' holy trinity last dropped, which actually *lessened* the impact for me. Would've rather seen them showcase something like a Prey 2, something not so safe. Not so "annual".

miyamoto2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Why would Gamespot ask this question?

According to Gamespot UK....

EVILDEAD3602143d ago

'Unfair to diss Sony for showcasing some 2013 games but giving MS props for impact when their big E3 exclusives (Halo/Gears/Forza) were literally a carbon copy of 2011's final months (HaloAnniversary/Gears3/Forza4 ).'

Who said I was dissing Sony. I only speak the truth. All the big impact games that Sony showed on the stage won't make THIS holiday season. In fact, unless Sony decides to let Last of Us make the first quarter of 2012 then every one of those games will be at next yearsa E3. If would have been much much different if Last Guardian made the stage, but after Sony talked about the technical difficulties the game is having, the pipe dream of it showing at Tokyo game show arent looking good.

It's funny you are pretending that last year was a carbon copy, because it shows that you don't know a thing about 360 games.

Gears of War 3 came last September. The Gears of War prequel didn't even make the E3 stage this year as it will be demoed at next years E3.

Halo Anniversay was an HD upgrade to the original Halo CE..Halo 4 is the FIRST major Halo sequel since 2007. That's like complaining that God of War 3 came out so close to the God of War HD collection. Not even close to the same.

The amazing Forza 4 launched last year from Turn 10, Forza Horizon is a completely new IP. If you actually knew anything about the games you would know it would be like complaining that Need for Speed: Shift came out a year before Need for Speed: High Pursuit or Most Wanted. Two completely different IPs.

See I love the fact that people whined that MS abandoned the hardcore, but 7 years into the cycle MS is releasing it's biggest hardcore franchises for its hardcore install base and THAT's all that matters.

Witness wat happens this holiday..


P_Bomb2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

[QUOTE]It's funny you are pretending that last year was a carbon copy, because it shows that you don't know a thing about 360 games.[/QUOTE]

Well now. I'm not "pretending" anything and know a lot more about the 360 and videogames in general than you're giving me credit for. No need to lowball me just because I politely disagreed about something. 6 bubblers should be better than that. No?

Anyways, you said "Sony's presentation was a letdown because"...and one of your two reasons was certain games not coming out this year, even though games like the new Gears won't be out in 2012 either. I simply didn't see that as an issue. A new game is a new game.

God of War already has a March release date. PS All Stars comes out this holiday season. Like I said, I don't see that as the point of E3. Most of the games previewed in the conferences were for the following year, not the following quarter. Splinter Cell:Blacklist, FarCry 3, TombRaider, Dead Space 3, Gears of War: Judgment...all come out next year. 2013. It's not just a Sony thing, it applies to your namesake console as well. Half the MS showcase was 2013 games. Didn't bother me.

Last Guardian was announced like 3 years ago. Everyone knows it's coming, just like Half Life 3. Far as Tokyo Game Show, you can't predict the future and neither can I.

Yes Gears 3 came out last September, which is exactly what I implied when I said "towards the end of 2011". Gears: Judgment is one of the E3 exclusives MS dropped this year and showed a CG teaser for with some gameplay. Look on your 360 dashboard, they have a link right to it.

Halo Anny was built from the ground up to look next gen, it's not just a fresh coat of paint HD Collection deal. It's like the Resident Evil Remake and MGS remake for Gamecube. Big difference from the GOW PS2 ports. I suggest you press (what is it the selct button?) when playing Anniversary to go back and forth and see the big difference 343 made.

Halo3 ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach were full retail games...not $14.99 DLC. Reach has a meta' of like 91. Halo may have gone into stasis for some in 2007, but for everybody else it continued on. Sales, continuity and all.

[QUOTE]If you actually knew anything about the games...QUOTE]

Again with the insults. Forza Horizons. The name...has Forza in it. That's NOT a new intellectual property. It's still the Forza brand, still cars, still MS' copyright. Look up what intellectual property means. Burnout Paradise going open world didn't make it a new IP from Burnout Revenge. Turn 10 is advising Playground on Horizons. Dan Greenwalt said "...having a colleague I trust to help me climb Everest, that's what I want." No different than Sanzaru developing the next Sly Cooper with SuckerPunch's blessing. 'Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time' isn't a new IP.

Boody-Bandit2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )


Microsoft didn't have any boring moments?

Wow, just wow. Now there is being a fan and then there is being delusional. MS spent 75% of their conference on Kinect, Smart Glass, movies/television programs, music, apps and addons. Than they ended their conference with Black Ops 2, a multiplat. Non stop thrill ride their conference was, no doubt about it. /s

humbleopinion2143d ago

I have no idea how anyone with a pair of eyes actually managed to press the agree button on Dante112's comment.
Now new IP's? Microsoft announced 3 new IPs for 2013: Ascend: New Gods, LocoCycle and Matter. I Don't recall any other publisher announcing 3 completely new IPs this E3.

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SuperLupe2144d ago

Square Enix with Tomb Raider and especially Hitman had a strong showing too. Got to hand it the the third parties this time around. Which is actually a pity ... since its the big 3 that are supposed to blow us away.

-Superman-2144d ago


Far Cry 3
Assassins Creed 3
Assassins Creed Vita
Last of US
God of War

CoryHG2143d ago


J86blum2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I agree 100% when I see watch Dogs I think how Assassins Creed staring Desmond Miles in his timeline will be like if its anything close to that.

But im also STOKED for Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3

iChii2143d ago

I'm a huge DS & RE fan and I have to say I was dissappointed, specially with Dead Space 3. It did not look scary... AT ALL. -__-

Man2bFree2143d ago

Sony won console wise. Ubisoft dominated software wise.I am not sure what Nintendo was doing on stage. Microsoft did ok, but it their conference was about Microsoft, and not gaming. They really need to start with new games, enough with Halo, and Gears.

finbars752143d ago

I think the biggest problem with this E3 was that everybody wanted new consoles with next gen games but as the conferences went on and no new consoles I think most of us were let down and our expectations that were so high were destroyed.In saying that i feel thats why this E3 was a let down overall.Sony did well with some new great new IPs and wonderbook was a smart thing to reveal regardless of what people thought.It was cool and different and could bring in alot of the harry potter fans which we all know theres a shitload of them.Critcise it all you want but it was smart on sonys part.yes they could have shown more but that is whats wrong with time frames at E3.I think you should show what you want withought and timer going off.There where some great games i must admit and now we have next year to look forward to because I can guarntee that next gen everything will be announced and will be the best E3 ever.2013 we wait for you.

mcstorm2143d ago

I agree with what your saying about people feel let down but I was happy with what I saw from MS and Sony. For me Sony and MS were on Par in what they showed off for what I was interested in. Halo 4 Looks amazing. forza horizon is a new IP that will replace PGR and I thought the new Splinter cell looked interesting too as well as how Fifa works with Kinect.

I also though the smart glass tech looks interesting too as this is the start of MS pulling there own products together to work as one and I don't know how anyone can see this a a bad thing as well as the added search to Kinect Voice and IE.

As for Sony GoW, Beyond, LoU,FarCry and the cross platform of Allstarts looks amazing too. I do wish they showed us more of LBP Vita and LBP Karting. I do think Wonderbook will be a flop though not because I think its crap but because of the price its going to cose to get it. The Move starter kit is £30 and I see the Book + a game being £60 so that will equal £90 and I don't see a lot of parents going for this but it is a very good idea and I think they should of waited until next gen for it as make the PS4 have move controller as standard but you never know it may sell.

I have not seen Nintendo's Conference yet but although they did not Wow us like the last 2 I think MS and Sony did a good job in what they showed us and had games for everyone not just one type.

Nimblest-Assassin2143d ago

Out of the big 3? Sony

All around: Ubisoft hands down... god damn they blew my mind with Ac3 and Watch Dogs

Sony did the same as well with TLOU and Beyond

But damn was this an improvement for ubisoft

miyamoto2143d ago

Ubisoft suddenly became the neutral holy place for the highlanders.

The surprise battleship scene was really not core AC stealth assassination but...
Yup Ubisoft is Uberrific with Liberation!

dragonhearts2143d ago

They were all Pretty good...
- Microsoft gave us halo 4, SPLINTER CELL! and RE 6, some Tomb raider......
- Ubisoft, gave us some nice WiiU Titles, and ofcourse Watch Dogs
- EA.. gave us dead space, crysis, need for speed star wars..
- Sony bored me to death... all they had was The last of us which blew my mind.. and God of war..
- Nintendo... I loved Nintendo.. i laughed and loved the Whole thing... they showed us 23 titled...TWENTY THREE... Nintendo has never let me down. ever..

Shnazzyone2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Well Nintendo did show the most exclusives when you take into account the 3ds exclusives. 4 must own 3ds titles, upgraded arkam city with some awesome features(1080p 60 fps btw), pikmen 3, Plus all the mutiplats with enhanced features and likely better graphics too. I feel like if nintendo just nixed wiifit U, that awful karaoke title, and didn't put so much emphasis on nintendo land. Then talked much more on the specs and price of wii U with that time... they would have won hands down.

One thing that is always unsurprising about N4G. No matter how poorly sony performs they will claim it was the best. Sony showed 3 exclusive games worth noting. Nearest I can tell Sony could send in their CEO to take an hour long dump on the stage and N4g will still say they won.

StraightPath2143d ago


Watch Dogs stole the show.

Fanboys cant fight over who won as all presentations were nothing special.

refocusedman2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@ emperor dalek

So I take it you were dancing in your living room to that god awful usher concert. Or you were glued to your tv watching presentations of espn on MS or a music subscription service. The only exclusive game that they demoed was halo 4 everything was multiplatform. I understand if your not a sony/ps3 fan but, dont be biased. Regardless of who you root for bad is just bad and MS press conference was 2 dollar sucky sucky.

Tapioca Cold2143d ago

Ubisoft can't win. It's a developer.

You fools never seem to get it right. The contest is between the console makers. Now the media is throwing in develpoers as chellengers just to make abig story out of nothing.

All the developers win. They're selling games on 5-8 consoles at any given time.

This is a new thing.

andibandit2143d ago

I would problably say Ubitsoft had the best conference, and of the consoles Sony was a tad less bad. But honestly if i was a Vita owner, i would problably raging against Sony instead.

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Fel082144d ago

Overall: Ubisoft
Console-wise: SONY

Brawler2143d ago

Sony would have crushed it if they removed the Wonderbook completely lol

TheLyonKing2143d ago

But then that would be half an hour of wasted space.
They should have used the time for the Vita.

Brawler2143d ago

Exactly shown off more vita stuff would've been way better. leaving the last of us and if i remember god of war to the end to make us forget about the wonderbook lol. I can see the wonderbooks market but man really???!!!

portal_22143d ago

Yeah but stuff like wonderbook look good to shareholders. Gamers not so much. Loved the opening montage - conf needed more Vita titles too.

MySwordIsHeavenly2144d ago

It's a great concept and the trailer was interesting, but we don't even know if it's open world yet...or why they showed it on PC. -_-

beerkeg2143d ago

Maybe because it's coming on pc -_-




Premonition2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Hopefully it does come to next gen consoles.

abeesley192143d ago

@MySwordIsHeavenly, dude,did u watch ubisofts conference, they said watch dogs was an open world game, hoping it is on current gen consoles, even though according to eurogamer, they said ubisoft confirmed it is coming to 360, ps3 and pc, but no where else has said it

Enmson2144d ago

it was funny when that in Ubisoft no body laughed at the jokes of that Toby guy.

but in my opinion Sony won for consoles and Ubisoft won for the game company

deep_fried_bum_cake2143d ago

It wasn't funny, it was utterly cringe worthy. The whole exchange between the two of them was just so awkward.