Edge - E3 2012: Nintendo press conference report

Edge: "Wii U will be home to a roster of proven successes, but not a whole lot of surprises - and the jury's still out on the hardware itself."

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OmniSlashPT2301d ago

3 Mario games announced, their biggest launch game is a 12 month game and the best game of their conference was a generic zombie game. After watching Nintendo's conference, I felt MS's conference wasn't so bad after all, atleast I stood wake while watching it. The next gen never felt so meh after this Nintendo conference.

Nintendo is going for the casual and dropping the hardcore, Wii U just confirmed that. And Xbox is going for the entertainment center which means games will be a secondary thing. All that's left is Sony and PC gaming.

MySwordIsHeavenly2301d ago

That's true, but Sony already has the entertainment center... Microsoft is playing catch-up.

neutralgamer192301d ago

Utter garbage old ips with no innovation and a new maruio games that can be done on a wii. The highlight of the presentation was shwing the world that wii u has nothing new t offer and is playing catch up and is def. not next gen lol

Hope you enjoyed the Nintendo presentation. It was very informative i can now save my money.