Splinter Cell: Blacklist will feature extensive stealth mechanics, 'Spies vs. Mercs' Mode is back

DSOGaming writes: "Admit it. When you saw the first gameplay footage of Splinter Cell: Blacklist you thought to yourself that this was not the Splinter Cell you knew, right? Well, good news for all Splinter Cell fans as Ubisoft has revealed that the game will feature extensive stealth mechanics."

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Darth Gamer2261d ago

You had me at "spies vs mercs is back"!!! Ok, so that was the last line in the whole article but if it is true, they have themselves a sale. Before COD, there was spies vs mercs and I loved it. Please let this be true and don't change anything about it except the maps...

camel_toad2261d ago

MAN yeh I loooved spies vs. Mercs. Was so disappointed when the follow-up splinter cell didn't have it. That was easily some of the most fun I had ever had in a mp game. It was so different than the usual fps vs fps. So glad they're bringing it back.

AgreeFairy2261d ago

You know what's NOT back?