E3 2012: Sony Conference May Have Skipped the Vita But E3 Didn’t

Sony’s conference left a lot to be desired in the way of the Vita at E3. With only a couple of announcements, it left us Vita owners and future owners feeling a little empty inside. Well fear not friends. Showcased on the E3 floor and announced by many other publishers, several Vita games have been shown off and I will give you the run down right here and now.

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GuruStarr782265d ago

I'm interested in a few of those titles... really want to see how the Call of Duty game pans out... I'm having a good time with the MP in Burning Skies...

Sandmano2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Agreed. Burning skies proves FPS's are perfect for the Vita and yes Im currently addicted to the MP. That a really good lineup TBH Im interested in Soul Sacrifice, FIFA 13, LBP, Assassins creed and COD declassified. I cant wait to see what TGS brings though hopefully Killzone Vita.

Ron_Danger2265d ago

I love that you can get an xp multiplier for Burning Skies using Near. I really hope other companies start using Near more for hidden stuff like that. The party system for Burnimg Skies works great also

JohnApocalypse2265d ago

I was disappointed that they didn't show Killzone game. Killzone is my favorite Sony franchise

cpayne932265d ago

Yeah it isn't mine but I was thinking the same thing.

miyamoto2265d ago

AC III Liberation is enough to showcase Vita's graphical power.


Tree Stealth

Blow Dart

Red Coats

drop dead gorgeous graphics!

bakagaijin782265d ago

I was pleasently surprised by AC3:Liberation. I was thinking of passing on the 3rd AC game until I finish the last couple AC games (which could take me many months with my current backlog), but this caught my attention. I'll most likely be picking it up at release.

miyamoto2265d ago

Happy Gaming : )

Ubisoft is on a roll!

psp2roundup2265d ago

Activison's own E3 press release fails to acknowledge the existence of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, so I'm starting to think that's all a big hoax.

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