E3 2012 - ArmA 3 - New Minimum Requirements Revealed; DX10-only title, no Windows XP support

DSOGaming writes: "During E3, Bohemia Interactive has revealed some new minimum specifications for their amazing military sim game, ArmA 3."

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TLG19912301d ago

looking forward to this

ATi_Elite2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

YEH! another body blow leading to the Death of DX9.

(realizes every MMO will be DX9 therefore DX9 will never die)

Arma III Photo-realistic graphics are INSANE!

Only 15GB of HDD space but with a bigger world and better graphics than Max Payne 3 35 worthless GB of HDD space.

Brawler2301d ago

Max Payne 3 is huge because all the videos are encoded in 1080p losless audio and there is a lot of cut scenes in it.

GamerSciz2301d ago

The no windows XP support is becoming the norm. When it comes to PC it is nearly impossible to buy a computer with Win XP or even Vista installed. Everything is Windows 7 and any windows 7 card supports DX10 if not DX11 for the higher end. DX9 is dead...just let it rest in peace.

JsonHenry2301d ago

Now if we could native x64 programs..

SilentNegotiator2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

That's a quick way to alienate your audience and limit your customer base.

DICE said they do this as soon as next year, but I have my doubts that it will actually be for games that won't play at all (and I mean technically, not by silly design) without over 4GB of memory, and more just about marketing and making sure EVERYONE plays it with really high resolution textures (again, a pointless limitation when you can just make it an OPTION).

I have 64bit and 8GB RAM, so it wouldn't stop me from playing, but I still think that it is a silly suggestion and all about marketing right now.

JsonHenry2299d ago

Right, because every PC chip sold for the last 7 years doesn't support x64 instruction set...

SilentNegotiator2296d ago

Right, so everyone has 64bit, then.


NYC_Gamer2301d ago

Every time i look at my Vista cd it disappoints me

ATi_Elite2299d ago


Vista oh man what a horror show that was.

Remember folks every other Win OS sucks!

Win Xp good
Win Vista bad
Win 7 good
Win 8 Bad

I'm just sayen

Dazel2301d ago

Building a system now, just to play Arma 3 and now it's out 2013. :(

Guess I can save for a better gfx card now.

atticus142300d ago

2013 should be a great time to buy one...prices are so inflated right now and theres hardly any competition in the 200-300 bracket.

Amd's next series hits at the start of 2013 and nvidia shouldnt be too far behind... hopefully price wars heat up as by then the cards should be easier to manufacture and in bulk.

atticus142300d ago

I hope ditching DX9 support helps the optimization somewhat, this game is a beast even on high end computers.

sovietsoldier2300d ago

the only way to get this game to run smoothly at max is to play on a system 5 years after its released. arma games kill every computer.