Watch Dogs is being built on a brand new engine

Watch Dogs is being built on a brand new engine developed internally at Ubisoft, the game's producer has revealed.

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OneAboveAll2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Uh... so what we saw was or wasn't on the Unreal Engine? Because if it's not the same as what I saw at e3 then i'm not buying it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32261d ago're the first person I've heard mention this game using Unreal.

OneAboveAll2261d ago

It looked like the Samaritan only a slight bit dumbed down so it's easy to get it confused.

morganfell2261d ago

I thought it was the AC Engine. It looked like a highly scripted event, perhaps even a movie. It seems to me they were trying to demonstrate what gameplay would be like rather than it being actual gameplay. Ubisoft have a history of this. Nothing seemed to happen because it was a player can do this or that moment until the shooting started and there was the passenger in the car and the engagements. Even the shooting seemed a little too programmed, particularly the vault over the hood.

Kurt Russell2260d ago

I felt the same as Morganfell, AC engine and scripted play. I just figured it's what they're aspiring for as the main game. I have all the faith that the game will play like what we saw in the long run though.

So glad to see some new IP's!

irepbtown2260d ago

When I first saw it I thought it was a brand new engine straight away. I honestly dont care much about the graphics of this game (even though it looked sweet), the whole concept, the whole idea is just brilliant.

I really hope they can pull it off. I'll definitely be pre-ordering it as soon as I can.

humbleopinion2260d ago

It didn't look even close to the AC Anvil engine: the lighting looks like completely different, and stuff like these reflections was never in the Anvil engine (or any other engine to date except the UE4 demo).

The game also doesn't look more scripted than any GTA game: the map indicates pretty much an open world game, with some event being triggered based on mission progress. But all the other stuff (civiliains going around etc) looks completely unscripted

ProjectVulcan2260d ago

Ubisoft throw some money around they can build great engines, Assassins creed is testament to that. They have clearly thrown money and time at this project and the PC version to showcase it.

I would imagine this sort of game is gunning for GTA, which means big publicity campaigns.

Shane Kim2260d ago

It is the AC engine. You can easily tell. Don't see the fuss about this game. IT's AC but in a modern setting with guns.

Last of Us seems much better.

mewhy322260d ago

I thought this was a very impressive game. Great visuals, appeared to have great AI. It did have alot of scripting like The Last of Us, which also looked awesome and was quite impressive.


Let's be honest here and analyze this engine objectively:

It is a last gen looking game with some next-gen effects. If it is for this gen, then it is EXTREMELY impressive. If it is for the next gen, then it will not be that impressive, it will look like the general random early next-gen multiplatform games. For example this pic (zoom in to look at the details):

The clothes are very good like the wool details, but in some areas it looks blocky even the face, the thumb nail is very detailed but other fingers and nails are low res. The same can be said about all aspects of the game, NPCs doing different stuff but they lack model details, physics are good when plastic bottles move on the road but tree leaves are built-in on the ground (even pixalated), debris and particles are fine but the gas station explosion is the worst thing in the game, even an early game in this gen had a better explosion, the blast here isn't volumetric, it looks almost gif like image. etc etc..

This game has its ups and downs.

We are already saw a sneak peak about next gen graphics with Agni's Philosophy and with the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 and they are 100% representative what next-gen graphics will be. This game can't be comapred to them and the same can be said about Star Wars 1313 (which still uses Unreal Engine 3).

In sum, Watch Dogs:

- Impressive as last gen game: YES
- Impressive as a next gen game: Definately NOT.

So let's say it's a last gen game with some next gen effects and features.

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theWB272261d ago

Ubisoft mainly uses their own engines...i've always heard. That's a shame you only buy unreal engine games! : )

OneAboveAll2261d ago

I never said that I only buy unreal engine games. I said that if they aren't using the engine that was used in the demo that i wouldn't buy it.

I just thought it looked to Unreal due to the cloth physics ans weather.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32261d ago

I understood what you meant OneAboveAll, going by your second comment. theWB27 is being petty for some reason.

theWB272261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

That was internet sarcasm wraith spectre...did you notice the smiley face? I knew what he/she was saying before the second comment which I didn't have the pleasure of seeing like you.

DeadlyFire2260d ago

I have seen them use Unreal Engine before. So its not impossible to say it.

Anyone remember Vegas? It was Unreal Engine 3 powered.

BlackKnight2260d ago

All splinter cell games have been UE2 heavily modified over the years, even conviction was UE2.5 modified by them (The exact build of UE2.5 used for all splinter cell games is Warfare Build 829) (search for splinter cell)

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modesign2261d ago

i hope your joking, just look at gears of war and tell that looks anything like watchdogs, if you say yes, then your on drugs.

TheGameFoxJTV2260d ago

You do know that not all games on Unreal look anything like Gears. Does Mass Effect or Mirror's Edge look anything like Gears? Deus Ex: HR?

WeskerChildReborned2261d ago

You do know just cause their's a dude with a jacket on, doesn't make it like the samaritan. And i don't even think they said anything about it being on Unreal Engine.

sjaakiejj2260d ago

You're mixing up art style with technicality. Technically, Gears of War could run on the Uncharted engine, and Uncharted could run on the Frostbite 2 engine without the player noticing the difference.

sinclaircrown2260d ago

"if it's not the same as what I saw at e3 then i'm not buying it."

so if its better... you won't buy it? Weird.

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Eyesoftheraven2261d ago

I just hope a 7970 is enough to run it looking like the demo.

DwightOwen2261d ago

You'll probably need a CrossFire setup if you want smooth framerates.

Eyesoftheraven2261d ago

Damn I sure hope that's not true. We may be entering another Crysis 1 situation.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

where did you get your gaming hardware knowledge? the back of a cereal box?

a 7970 will be more than enough.

BlackKnight2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I WANT another "crysis situation", hear me out before voting.

People blew it out of proportion. Some people were upset that you couldn't run the game on DX10 very high settings at release (meaning at release, the fastest video card couldn't maintain 30FPS average, you could still play, just slow).

Crytek specifically said that they made the game engine so advanced on the highest settings that even 5 years later, it would still be the best looking. If you set the game to medium, a lot of PCs could run it and it was STILL the best looking game in 2007 on MEDIUM. That means the engine was already prepared for new hardware so as time passed and PC's advanced, your game, mods, custom maps, etc all got better and better looking without paying anything more. The tech was always there in your original copy.

If anyone has a gaming PC, try Crysis 1 again on its full settings at 1080P. It is simply amazing even now.

tee_bag2422260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

God help you if its not.
I think a 7970 can handle it without breaking too much of a sweat.
I highly doubt a crossfire 7970 setup would be needed to run it. Its a pretty sweet looking game but do have a second look.

Looking at this interview/preview

Outside in the rain looked fantastic with the reflections. There are some really nice post processing camera effects and blooms too.

More than anything though, its just a really well presented game so far.

kmanmx2261d ago

I was impressed. When you go open world you usually sacrifice quality, it's incredibly hard to get the level of graphics you would see in a game like Uncharted into an open world game. It's a huge task from an game artists perspective, and a tough one to pull off technically - I would go as far to say impossible on consoles.

The developers have done great here, the game looks fantastic, but lets not pretend the console version will be even close to what we saw.

GamingPerson2261d ago

I haven't upgraded my pc in 3 years so I will upgrading for this and star wars 1313 hopefully next year.

BlackKnight2260d ago

A tip from a PC gamer here. Always buy your parts as "late" as you can. Prices fall so fast with PC that even a few weeks going buy can result in saving 100 bucks. So in other words, lets say 1313 and watch dogs comes out in the same month, I would buy and build the PC a couple weeks before they launch.

It is really a waste of money to slowly buy parts over a long period of time. Instead, save your money over the same period of time, and at the end, buy all the parts and you will save money since PC parts obey the laws of economics WAY more than the price locking that the console makers employ.

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