Sony Steals The Show?

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''Sony pulled off yet another strong E3 showing. They came out, displayed some games and didn’t dwell too long. They covered all the bases that need to be covered, primarily their struggling Vita system.

As a owner of the Vita I wanted to see some new games, not just random throw away games but genuine ‘big’ games. Thankfully it didn’t take long for Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified to be announced along with a Assassins Creed: Liberation. While nothing was shown of Black Ops it was nevertheless good to know a big named first person shooter was coming to the Vita. Assassins Creed: Liberation did come with a trailer however which included some gameplay.''

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Linko642266d ago

Not enough move trolololol

SandwichHammock2266d ago

Portal 2 (Move) and Stranger's Wrath (Move) is good enough for me ;)

DC19802266d ago

Of the Big 3, Sony won

Hicken2266d ago

Ubisoft may have stolen the show, but I think Sony would be a solid second.

GamerEuphoria2266d ago

We are still in the process of writing up the Ubisoft E3 piece so we might just agree with you ;)

Watch Dogs did capture the hearts of people it seems.

Veneno2266d ago

Watch Dogs was incredible but the problem is we didn't see it running on console hardware. And we don't even know for sure if it will hit this generation of consoles or the next. There's no question the game looks amazing but I don't think it deserves the title of "show-stealer". The last of us and Beyond 2 souls are the real games of the show because we know exactly the kind of hardware they are running on and what we saw is what we know we are going to get in the final product.

h311rais3r2266d ago

That has got to be the worst reasoning ever. You think it's the best of show just because it will be running on ps3 instead of lookin at a game and saying" WOW that what were going to be playing soon? I can't believe it!" if we went by ur logic then one could say that move book crap was best in show because we know what hardware it will be running on. Please come up with a better reason. Ur inner fanboy is showing.

jonboi242266d ago

Watch dogs was running on a high end pc and I believe the president of ubisoft mention on gametrailers that it was coming to ps3 and 360. though i am not a 100%.

Veneno2265d ago

Dude i'm as impressed as anyone about watch dogs. But we're on n4g. And here, consoles take precedence. If u think what we saw of watchdogs is what we will see on this gen of consoles your crazy. Why do u think sony got a lot of flack for the killzone 2 movie? Because it wasnt running on ps3 hardware. And why does microsoft get sheet for he halo trailers and ads? Because they are NEVER indicative of the actual final product. If this were a PC Gamer message board i wouldnt be saykng these things cause i know watchdogs will look like that on the highest end PC.

givemeshelter2265d ago

If you are expecting Watch Dogs to look like that or close to it on the PS3 or Xbox360 you are going to be SADLY disappointed.

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MysticStrummer2266d ago

Sony didn't steal the show. Microsoft and Nintendo gave it to them gift wrapped. Ubisoft obviously generated the most buzz though.

GamerEuphoria2266d ago

We already have a piece up about Microsoft so i wont really talk about them much here. Ubisoft have made waves though, we agree with that.

miyamoto2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I can't believe that Assasin's Creed III: Liberation screen shot is a PS Vita game. Crap that was gorgeous. The lighting is superb it can be mistaken for a PS3 game.


compared to the PS3 version


Liberation is shaping up pretty good.
The only thing they did not have is the fluid animation of TLOU.
But Ubisoft is Uberrific!

kneon2266d ago

I'm actually more interested in Liberation than in AC3 and I haven't even bought a Vita yet.

I only use hand held consoles when I travel and as I haven't done much of that so far this year I haven't bought one. But that looks to be changing so I'll likely get one soon.

miyamoto2266d ago

exactly and this is a first gen Vita game.

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